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The Left's Declaration of War

This next election could bring about the destruction of all we hold dear if we refuse to fight.

Roger Helle · Jun. 26, 2020

Whether we realize it or not, we’re in a state of war. The war has not been declared by any of our geopolitical enemies; it has been declared by the radical Left. There is a deliberate attempt to overthrow our current form of government and introduce a socialist/Marxist government. You may not have been aware, but since you’re aware now, you have a decision to make. Do you ignore it or join the fight?

After WWII, General Douglas McArthur spoke at West Point and outlined what he called “Needed Elements for Success in War.” There were only four. They are 1.) You must have a cause worth dying for. 2.) Troops must be properly trained and adequately equipped. 3.) There must be an adequate means of support. 4.) You must know your enemy.

I can’t go into detail, but let me share some bullet points we need to understand. First, defending the freedom that once made America the envy of the world is a cause worth dying for. You only have to look back over our history to see how many American military personnel laid down their lives for our freedoms (over 1.4 million).

Second, troops must be adequately trained. For decades now, the Left has been playing the long game while we have been asleep. Our schools and places of higher education have been indoctrinating our children in socialist/Marxist principles while most parents ignored the obvious. Our children are being taught to reject their parent’s principles, especially their faith. As a result, they are NOT adequately equipped to be successful after their education in most of our universities.

Third, the means of support for our civil society are being destroyed while we watch. Our military has always been despised by leftists, but now they want to do away with law enforcement in many cities around the country. Rioting and targeting of police officers has been taking place since the previous administration with no word of condemnation from the Left. The media has become so corrupt and biased that you cannot believe them most of the time. They constantly pound the drum that this is a racist, evil, and corrupt nation as they destroy as many elements of our shared history as possible while the Left cheers them on and conservatives are too often silent.

Finally, you must know your enemy. Leftists know their enemy. We hear it every day in the media. We’re the Left’s sworn enemy. Far too many “conservative politicians” try to walk the path of political correctness so leftists will like them. Wake up! It’s not going to happen. They will only allow you into their circles when you cast off all of your principles and accept their offer of unconditional surrender to their demands. But it will never work because they will ALWAYS demand you give up more of what you believe.

This next election could very well bring about the destruction of all we hold dear if we refuse to fight. You may not like Trump or his tweets, but is that a good enough reason to vote for far-left policies, or worse, not vote at all, as millions of conservatives have done in the past two presidential elections? Doing nothing is no longer an option.

Something to think about?

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