WAP: Wacko and Pandering

A new acronym for Cardi Bi's latest single so as to highlight her pro-Biden politics.

Willie Richardson · Aug. 21, 2020

WAP, WAP, WAP! Cardi B just released a new single entitled “WAP.” I won’t even explain what she means by this acronym. It’s too explicit. However, I thought it would be interesting to share this same acronym with a slight twist. WAP, for now, means Wacko and Pandering.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently thought it was a good idea to do an interview with reality television rebel, songwriter, and rapper Cardi B and listen to her political prowess. Cardi B has the experience to advise the former vice president, right? Born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar on October 11, 1992, Cardi B is known for her sexually lewd and ludicrous lyrics. But, evidently, Biden thinks she’s his ticket to the White House. At the very beginning of the interview, Wacko Joe asks the Scarlet Letter B, “What’s your main interest in terms of this election?” She said, “I have a long list of things I want and wish and desire for our next president [to do for us]. But first things first, let me keep it a buck, I just want Trump out!”

Cardi B went on to give Biden her three-point political agenda:

  1. Free Medicare.

  2. Free college education.

  3. Black people to stop getting killed with no justice for it.

She went on to elaborate on her third point and exclaimed, “I want more stricter [sic] laws. If a cop kills someone that doesn’t have a weapon on them, [the cop] should go to jail. If I kill somebody, I got to go to jail. [Cops] got to go to jail too.” She apparently believes that just because a suspect doesn’t have a weapon, they are not a threat to an officer. This is the Black Lives Matter rhetoric that encourages “defunding the police.”

When speaking about COVID-19, Cardi B accused Trump of “really confusing everyone” because he’s “playing games.” She believes she is “woke” politically and conscious socially with the answers to today’s fear-driven pandemic.

Cardi B became famous on the VH1 reality TV series “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” The show featured her pursuing a music career in hip-hop, as she was then a stripper in New York at the tender age of 19. Her former employer fired her and encouraged her to get a career as a stripper. She started her music career by releasing two mixtapes — “Gangsta B!*@$ Music,” Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 — before signing with label Atlantic Records in early 2017.

This is someone with whom the Democrat Party aligns.

The “P” in WAP stands for pandering, because Joe Biden panders to the young generation by interviewing Cardi B, who has millions of followers on social media. Wacko is trying to tap into her pool of voters. He said, “You’re the reason I have such incredible hope. I really mean it. I’m not trying to be nice. It’s a fact. That’s what’s going to change things.”

Really, Joe? Why don’t you go ahead and say you wish she were your VP candidate? “Everybody gets free education,” he said. His final pandering attempt was to bring the “black card” into the conversation. “[Trump] appeals to the outright prejudice of some of those in that community that don’t have any money, and he just appeals to their prejudices. He spews hate.” What community is he speaking of? I’m glad you asked. He talking about poor, rural white people who he believes are racist against minorities. He just made up a lie that panders to what many in the minority community believe — that southerners are racist.

Mr. WAP ended the interview by saying, “I promise I’ll make mistakes as president, but I’ll admit to the mistakes I make, and you’re never gonna have to wonder whether I’ll keep my word.” Thanks, Joe, for sharing with the American people that it’s better not to make a mistake and elect a man who’s set on making mistakes. It seems like it was a mistake for the Democrat Party to put him up as candidate for president.

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