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Time to Stop Preachin' and Start Reachin' and Teachin'

Murray T. Bass · Oct. 7, 2011

We want to win our country back. In order to do that, we have to inform and change opinions and attitudes of at least three groups of citizens. As a prerequisite, we have to be honest with ourselves and talk to them as Americans, not conservatives. As Americans. that will be our common ground.

Mark Alexander’s Class Action lawsuit is a terrific first step. It says “Yes we can do something.” It also provides great talking points for our “Reachin’ out and Teachin’ truths.”

The first group are the liberals who are liberal because it seems the thing to do. The feel good do gooders. These folks tend to be uninformed about the consequences of liberalism leading us toward Marxist Socialism. They need to have the facts about actions that will lead to an even better society. We need to reach out and give them the facts, even if we offend them. Show them where lies, power grabs and unconstitutional acts are taking us to the loss of our freedoms. Give them the facts of Essential Liberty. Let them know we care about what they believe and the consequences of what they are doing. Reach out to them instead of to just each other. We won’t win them all. But the ones we do win will recruit others. Political evangelism works that way.

The second group are folks who have known what is right but have given up on the system.

This includes that very large bunch that just don’t want to be bothered. This group needs to understand that their lifestyles and peaceful enjoyment of life is threatened. The “good life” most certainly will be taken from them should the Marxist Socialist agenda succeed. They are and will be the targets of redistribution of wealth and rationing of healthcare. They will be stripped of the right to decide how to live. We reach these folks by one on one personal contact. We convince them they can be heroes in the protection of their own and all citizens rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We can use examples of history in Europe and in the language of Obamacare which parallels the demise of freedom in Europe. Political evangelism works here, too.

The third group are those folks who have been hurt by governments misdeeds or who are about to be hurt. These are the people who have been given handouts instead of jobs. Stripped of their self respect. People who have been denied the opportunity to create jobs for their friends and neighbors. Introduce them to Patriot Post. Starting with Founder’s quotes followed up with humor then the whole banana. Find in the structure of Patriot Post the items you believe your friends might be interested in. Then recommend the reading. Point out the great resource of historical documents . The great source of Founding Fathers quotes. Help them construct a real but brief history of the development of the United States. Help them find the path to discovery of the meaning of Federalism and the intent of the Constitution. Talk, discuss. Remember, you have all the Essential Liberty facts. Give them the factual information they just cannot get with the liberal media. Summarize simply because many folks don’t have the command of language the we enjoy.

I think it is important to answer the lies with truths. Whether it’s Obama lies, Congressional lies, candidate lies or media lies. Package the truth in small enough pieces that it will invite folks to read. Patriot Post has identified and answered most lies over time. I think each one of us should select target individuals or groups to impress with truth and facts and suggestions for solutions. Do the research on who among your friends or acquaintances or people in the community would be likely “reachable” then “teachable.”

I’d like to think I have all of the answers. I don’t. It just seems to me that we have to start becoming more aggressive in getting our message of why it is important to return to the constitutional government envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Emphasizing the personal and social benefits like more jobs , more opportunity more self respect and more freedom. Show the Musical “1776” and the movie “A More Perfect Union.” Make our founding documents live. Somehow keep it simple, fun and relaxed. Intensity and intellectualism frequently turn people off . We also can’t assume that any phrase or document is self explanatory. They are not. They must be put into context. Through no fault of their own many people have difficulty with language. They are not dumb. Just not well prepared. When we teach, we have to teach to our audience, not to our egos.

Patriot Post is a great source of information and opinions that we tend to agree with. That’s good. At the same time that may not be very effective. Like the old saying goes, “I think we’re preachin’ to the choir” It feels good to talk to a friendly audience. It doesn’t DO much good. We aren’t changing opinions or winning any new votes.

People learn best by doing. Enlist these folks to help you spread the message of opportunity, success through achievement and pride in being an American. The terms Republican, Democrat, liberal and conservative represent partisanship. I can’t emphasize too much the importance of just being an American in a traditional sense. I would like to see a one page statement of “What it means to be an American,” the essential benefits offered by America. Right now, I don’t believe that the majority of our people have a clue. Most believe that we are a “Democracy” instead of a “Republic.” That idea has been sold to generation after generation of Americans in our public schools and by politicians in every election. It’s time people learned the truth. We need to stop preaching to ourselves and reach out to our neighbors and friends and teach them what America was intended to be and can be again.

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