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Saving Our Kids From Political Correctness

Murray T. Bass · Oct. 26, 2011

In Congress right now are bills to “normalize” deviant sexual behavior. Reverse discrimination against the straight people of America. It’s happening right before our eyes. The objective is the establishment of bowel sex and plastic sex as normal. The abandonment of procreation as the ultimate purpose of sexual acts for emotional satisfaction and relief. Or, more often, satisfying the needs to dominate of be dominated. It has become the Politically Correct position to take. Another guilt trip for all of us. Well folks, I’m not going on that trip.

If people choose to live that kind of life, let them. But, like all sexual behavior, they should keep it private. Instead, they are telling the world we must believe that unnatural is normal. Let their behavior choices be between them and the creator. The ultimate consequence, of course, is the failure of Western civilization to recreate itself. Making it increasingly vulnerable to other aggressive cultures as well.

What I am most concerned about are the consequences of telling our young people – your kids and grandkids and mine – that queer is normal and natural. I believe that putting the perfume of normalcy on the smell of bowel sex is a strategy to enlist young impressionable folks into the ranks of the unnatural. Transforming immoral role models into something admirable. Making traditional Judeo Christian values illegal. Yes, making traditional Judeo Christian principles illegal. The bills are titled the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) and the Student Non Discrimination Act (SNDA) HR998. The student act has been painted with phony moral paint as the Anti Bullying Act.

ENDA apparently is intended to give sexual deviants preferential treatment in seeking and retaining jobs. Protection that is not provided to the now minority straight white job seekers and employees. Protection that is not provided to citizens of Jewish origin. There is no route for straight white folks or Jews to go that will give them the special consideration the homosexuals bisexuals Lesbians and transgender folks will be given. It is the Politically correct thing to do even if it is morally wrong. Another barrier to success for the small business person. And completely unnecessary.

Non discrimination laws should apply uniformly and equally to all Americans.

The really dangerous bill is the Student Non Discrimination Act. It is an overreaction to isolated events involving a few “gay” teenagers (How a 14 year old boy gets to be “Gay” is what needs to be investigated). The Bill demands that school officials do the impossible. Keeping kids from ragging other kids. They will find something to bully others about. They will do it somewhere else if they can’t do it on school property. It tends to establish the idea that homosexuality is not just natural. It is also special.

What’s next, Homosexual preschoolers?

That isn’t as far fetched as it may sound. As a part of the same “normalization agenda” California’s Governor Jerry Brown recently signed SB58 into law. SB58 is an ultimate Politically Correct bill that establishes deviant sexual behavior in public schools as normal – or more like super normal. It applies to all K-12 grades. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual preference by adding homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and trans-genders to current non discrimination law. Then, I think they threw the disabled in to make it look legitimate.

SB58 requires the schools to sing the praises of the achievements of the deviants. Achievements that have nothing to do with their sexual orientation. It requires school administrators to insure that the objectives of the legislature is carried out in the selection of instructional material. Alternative schools and charter schools are specifically included.

Public schools are not required to sing the criticisms of negative actions or achievements of homosexuals such as the abuse of boys by priests (11,000 and counting). Nor are they required to tell about the role of homosexuals in the spread of AIDS by relationships with many, many partners and the sale oftainted blood. Nor must they tell about the homosexual North American Man boy Love Association. None of the reality. Just the fantasy.

So, what can we do to defend morality and turn reverse discrimination around?

Make sure that ENDA and SNDA are defeated by letting legislators know that they will not get your support if they vote for these bills or any like them.

Get your kids out of the public schools if bills like SNDA become law. There are plenty of options available to parents in private schools and accredited internet home schools. Costs can be reasonable, too. There are even cost free internet public schools (Virtual Academy) available in many states. My point is that you don’t have to sit by and take it. There are real options available.

An added advantage to home schooling is the opportunity to spend more time with your children and insure that they have a quality education. Public schools have deteriorated so badly that home schooling may be worth considering in any event.

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