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The Media's Liberal Bias: We Don't Have to Take It

Murray T. Bass · Nov. 2, 2011

It seems like forever that I’ve been hearing about the liberal bias of both print and electronic media. I’m not only sick and tired of the bias, I’m sick and tired of hearing people complain about it.

We can do something about it. Each of us as a committee of one can help change the media landscape. The strategies for attacking liberal print and electronic media are similar and uncomplicated. Don’t watch. Don’t listen. Don’t read. And don’t patronize. We have the power. The economic power.

Don’t watch. Let me start with an illustration from my own life.

Not long ago the Feds decreed that we would no longer be allowed to enjoy VHF television signals. They told us we MUST enjoy UHF signals instead. So, I looked at broadcast TV programming. I decided that there wasn’t anything there worth watching anyway, certainly nothing that couldn’t be duplicated or improved upon on the internet. Even though my son presented me with a converter box. I decided to abandon broadcast TV altogether. You know what? I haven’t missed it one iota. Broadcast TV has become junk. Program content supplied and controlled by the writers unions. Big time news programming supplied and controlled by socialists.

If I can abandon broadcast TV , so can you. Episodes of quality TV programs from the past are available on the internet. Old radio, TV, situation comedies and classics are available at the touch of your keyboard. You don’t need broadcast Television. So, don’t watch.

Don’t listen. Radio stations which are affiliates of ABC, CBS and NBC should get off limits, too. They share the same liberal bent as their TV brothers. There are plenty of local radio stations. You can find a station that is balanced or neutral.

Don’t read. If you are lucky like I am, you have a small local paper that is balanced and gives unbiased news of local affairs. On other than local items supplied by Associated Press or other services, ignore the headlines and go to the end of the article to see what the facts really are. If I were in NYC, I wouldn’t buy or read the Times. Or if I were in D.C., I wouldn’t buy or read the Post. You get the idea. No matter where you are, don’t support the liberal media with your dollars. You don’t have to. You’re the boss.

All the news you could ever want to hear and see can be found on the internet. Free. You can actually get programming from Australia or Great Britain which is more likely to have honest news than network TV here.

Don’t patronize. The media depend on advertisers for their continued existence. Let those advertisers know that you are no longer watching the programs supported by their ads. Even though you prefer their product, you have decided to buy competitive products as long as they continue to do business with the networks. One voice won’t matter. 100,000 voices would matter. Smaller audience. Smaller revenues.

Don’t watch. Don’t listen. Don’t read and don’t patronize.

You and I don’t have to wait for someone to organize a boycott. All of us as committees of one can change the media landscape. We have the economic power to make it happen.

Let’s see what the possible long term consequences can be.

First of all, if nothing else happens, we will feel good about ourselves and the stand we are taking. Actually doing something instead of just complaining.

It is my personal belief that Broadcast Network Television and radio are obsolete. I have been doing without it for years and don’t miss it. The plus has been that I am better informed with real facts rather than opinions dressed as facts. The networks are vulnerable.

I believe we can hasten the demise of network television. In its place we will probably see a return to locally owned and operated stations centered around local programming.

The same is true of large multi city print news organizations. The are vulnerable as well. Significant declines in circulation will mean significant declines in revenues. Some will not survive in their present format. We have the economic power.

If you think of this as a grassroots movement (not unlike the Tea Party Patriots) it is easy to envision positive results. As a matter of fact, I also believe the objectives of the Grass roots Tea Party groups are consistent with honesty and fairness in media. It wouldn’t take much to enlist them and their members. Other organizations, too. Religious organizations who are tired of the media support of anti religion and deviant sex. Whoa!! I’m letting my enthusiastic imagination get away with me.

Don’t watch. Don’t listen. Don’t read. Don’t patronize. All things each one of can do. We have the power.

I’m already doing it. I feel good about it. Won’t you join me?

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