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Americas Texas Hold 'em

Paul David Keefe · Dec. 2, 2011

I like to play Texas Hold ‘em on line. Nothing fancy, no real money, just chips. But it is still fun because the players play for ratings. Of the many and varied realities one may glean and garner from this game there is one I call the chip count.

It may smack as obvious when stated, but until one actually experiences the phenomenon in the meaningful way of real experience it can easily be dismissed.

The chip count refers to the probability of victory versus the probability of defeat. The obvious reality is that the lower the chip count the more probable the outcome of defeat over victory, while the higher the chip count the more probable the outcome of victory over defeat.

It is with the former point of the lower the chip count the more probable the outcome of defeat over victory that I turn to here. As the chip count continues to lessen, it eventually reaches a point where the probability of a comeback to victory is null void, not enough chips left to sustain a drive long enough to get back in the game. Even though a single dollar chip states one is still in the game, even though there is always that one story of the guy who came back from a single dollar to claim victory, experience says there is a number, a chip count, event horizen, number, where once a player has sunk to this few chips all hope of resurrecting to victory dies, one then accepts the inevitable, and allows his opponent to play out the coup des grass.

When America is run by the democrat party and its associate constituency the liberal mindset, Americas chips are blown in highly improbable ventures. Democrat cronies and nepotites proffer greatly personally, this is obvious, but Americas chips lessen.

The minion liberal constituency does not proffer financially as with the cronies and nepotites, but they have their BS illusion stroked and stoked, and this makes them feel good inside. Nothing warms the heart of a minion liberal like believing they see their BS illusion as the truth of objective reality. It is here that the liberal experiences, and exults in, the joy of victory.

Unfortunately, as the bank account of the democrat cronies and nepotites goes up, Americas chip count goes down. Unfortunately, as the amount of joy the liberal minion constituency experiences increases, the more Americas chip count decreases.

America is but one player in the game. There was a time when Americas chip count was the highest in the game. In fact there have been numerous times when Americas chip count was the highest in the game but, always like that bad penny that somehow always turns up sooner or later, the democrats come to power.

It is not coincidence when democrats have congress that spending increases astronomically. It is not coincidence when democrats have the Presidency that American prestige and respect decreases by fathoms. It is not coincidence when democrats have both the Presidency, and the congress, that Americas chip count drops, and drops progressively and constantly.

With the 2008 elections, democrats controlled both congress and the Presidency, Americas chip count fell, and fell as though in free fall. However, with the 2010 midterm elections republicans took control of the house, a parachute opened and Americas free fall slowed, but did not stop.

Now 2012 approaches and brings America term elections. Our sitting President, a democrat, Barac Obama, the anti American Messiah, who with deliberate intent turned his Presidency into a wrecking ball and smashed into the good edifice America with all his destructive power would like a second shot, another chance. Worse still, democrats would like once again to controll both houses of congress, and as if that is not enough, the liberal minion constituency would like once again to have its BS illusion stroked and stoked, and again experience the joy and ecstacy of victory.

Americas chip count has deminished greatly. Americas financies are 15 trillion dollars in the red. Americas prestige and respect are bottoming out, our borders are left unsecured, our enemies are gaining on us, and our chip count is down, approaching that level of no return, the event horizon.

When democrats and liberals win America looses. After Obamas four years of destruction to America, the American chip loss factor is so high another four years of the same Obama, democrat, liberal destruction will leave Americas chip count so low we may have to accept our American adversaries and opponents, coup des grass.

If you hate America, and or love yourself, vote democrat. If you love America, humanity, you and yours, vote republican. Vote republican no matter who the republican candidate is, what office he or she seeks, regardless of what you may think of them personally. If you love our “Founding Fathers America”, vote republican and let us begin stacking Americas chip count higher and higher, and return our America back to our “Founding Fathers America” once again. Thank you.

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