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Should Obama and Holder be Impeached?

Tom Davis · Dec. 5, 2011

How many passes do our pseudo president and the bought and paid for Attorney General get before they can no longer act with impunity and are forced to “Go directly to Jail!?

Obama acts as though he is playing Monopoly with an unlimited amount of funny money. Holder is the chief of the Keystone Cops and does as he pleases. There is a limit, even in a game, if the rules are followed. These two Chicago gangsters are obviously in cahoots to break the bank, do as they damned well please and to hell with the law and the American public they are supposed to be serving.

The Constitution of The United States sets forth rather narrow guidelines for the conduct of business in the White House and in the Office of the Attorney General. First and foremost, The Office of the President is an ELECTIVE Office, which means the officeholder is put into place by the American people, to serve the American people. Try as he might, Obama is neither a Roman Emperor nor a King. He may be a Queen, but that does not count under OUR Constitution. By law, he must follow the law, enforce all the federal laws of the land and he has little or no leeway in which to deviate from the lawful course.

The public record and common knowledge are witness to multiple deviations from the law by Mr. Obama and by Eric Holder. The latest Crime they have perpetrated on the American people constitutes blatant arrogance and a not so hidden cover-up of malfeasance in office.

The Operation known by and large as "Operation Fast and Furious” which resulted in the murder of Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry has been played down by both Holder and Obama as ‘just an accident’ for which neither is responsible.

Both knew of and approved of the operation and where does the buck stop? It most certainly must stop right on the doorstep of the executive and his stooges. There is no need to go through a risk assessment for an operation putting our weapons into the hands of known murderers and assassins. Death is the only outcome which can be assessed. Whose death is problematical? But somebody was bound to die and Agent Terry was the victim. Obviously Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder exercised horribly bad judgment.

Rather than taking the blame as they should, they did the unthinkable and SEALED ALL THE RECORDS thus putting the entire matter on a far back burner where only the SCOTUS or a future Chief Executive can unseal them for any action deemed necessary. This is a blatant cover-up, a high crime impeachable under the Constitution.

The public opinion of the Congress is at an all-time low. Articles of Impeachment are called for immediately and will go a long way toward elevating my opinion of a lackluster congress. The simple act of presenting Articles of Impeachment to the United States Senate for Trial of both Obama and Holder will at least keep Obama in Washington where he should be, rather than on the 2012 campaign trail and wasting taxpayers’ dollars.

Time to step up to the plate Mr. Speaker; put Chairman Smith to work on a most serious matter.

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