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Not Who We Want, But What We Must Have

Murray T. Bass · Dec. 12, 2011

I have been watching the GOP Presidential debates. I read accounts of the activities of candidates reported by the liberal media, both print and electronic. More than once I have asked myself, “What in blazes is going on?” Beauty shows which, for the most part, have nothing to do with solving America’s problems. Media accounts slanted in favor of some and against others. Pageants led by media personalities whose objectives seem to be to lead discussions away from real issues. Sometimes they act as if they are “Stars of the Show.”

If I were the GOP I would organize and conduct my own debates and sell them to the media.

“Anyone is better than Obama.” the GOP establishment says. Well, that’s not good enough, Obama is only a part of the problem.

Big parts of the problem are GOP Representatives and Senators who seem to represent themselves and the establishment. The performances of Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader McConnell on the budget and debt limit are prime examples. They had two chances to stop Obama in his tracks and went to bed with him instead. They must be replaced.

Newt Gingrich praised Boehner for his courage and accomplishments in both cases. C'mon Newt! Just partisan politics.

If Americans can correct the problems the Republicans suffer in the House and Senate, the financial and Executive excesses can be brought under control. by controlling the purse strings. Unless we can do that, it doesn’t make a lot of difference who the GOP Presidential candidate is.

What must we do?

The place to start is to focus or refocus on what we know is needed to restore America. In my judgment, it all revolves around returning to the Constitution and the “Rule of Law.” Mark Alexander’s Essential Liberties. Here are a few specifics.

Limit Federal Government to those powers enumerated in the Constitution.

Require all federal employees to follow their oaths of office under penalty of the law. Lose their positions, pay fines and go to jail.

Restore the checks and balances built into the Constitution Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

Require judges to follow Original intent. Opinions outside of that boundary would require disciplinary action. (impeachment)


Some of the positive consequences of these actions would be:

A budget with sufficient surplus to pay down debt over time.

Creation of jobs and revenue by the elimination of unnecessary regulations.

Enforcement of Immigration laws Close borders and return illegal aliens to their home countries, making jobs available to Americans. The idea that Illegals only take jobs that Americans don’t want is a fiction. Perhaps another “Wetback Program” would work.

Energy independence through use of abundant readily available resources.. Nuclear, Clean Coal, Shale, Natural gas. Defunding Islamic Jihad and creating millions of American jobs in the process. Resulting in a favorable balance of trade.

Revise Social Security to be actuarially sound .Guarantee the assets of Social Security with the Full Faith and Credit of the United States.

Reform Medicare by instituting tort reform and really halting abuses

Kill Obamacare

Eliminate most entitlements. Transfer those that remain to the states for their approval.

And many, many more.

The two key objectives in this election cycle should be.

To elect legislative majorities who embrace the Constitution and the Rule of law. A long term objective of veto proof House and Senate.

And to elect a President who actively supports the principles in our Constitutions and has made a commitment to roll back government to the scope defined in the Constitution.

Of the two, the Legislative objective is most important.

Picking the possible candidates for the Presidency is much clearer process.. Only two embrace the “Rule of Law” test. Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman. They are eminently electable if we begin positive support early on.

What is positive support?

In my judgment it involves a number of things and also applies to legislative choices.

First, we must aggressively become anti Obama. In the past three years he has lied enough, bribed enough, failed our military enough violated his oath enough and has been near treasonous in his support of the Brotherhood that we have ample truths to hit him with. It is time to stop being nice guys and take off the gloves.

Obama’s lies are also the lies of his supporters in the Senate and the House. They are linked. Every congressional race and senatorial race should be an anti Obama race as well.

Our actions must match our words. We must do the things necessary to win. Someone said to me, “For God’s sake, why don’t you act like it’s important?”

Preach to America instead of ourselves. Get our message on every computer radio and TV in America.

Learn from the enemy. Register young voters as ACORN did. The College Republicans are conducting such a campaign now.

Get our feet on the ground and get out the vote. There are enough registered voters who don’t vote to give us a landslide victory. We have to go get them.

Fight fire with fire. Don’t shrug off the lies. Answer them or they will be seen as truth. Flood America with our own truths and put the other guy on the defensive.

Play the campaign game according to our rules. Run our own show.

I’m not an expert. Just try to use a little common sense. Briefly, here again is what I believe we have to do

Concentrate our focus on our real objective. Returning to the Constitutional Republic and the “Rule of Law.” Essential Liberties.

Support the only two candidates who embrace that objective. Paul and Bachman. Give them our full support now.

Make Anti-Obama the constant theme at all levels. No hold barred.

Work, work, work.

We can win big. It’s up to us.

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