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Gun Control ... No Right Answers?

John Longenecker · Feb. 3, 2012

Think again, please.

I am heartened by a report written by Jason Clayworth for the De Moines [ ] Proposal that could kill gun control advances.

Way to go Jason!!

The article reports the movement of proposed legislation to repeal gun control in the state of Iowa. Naturally, the opposition surfaces, and it is this which I want you to examine. My point is to ask whether there is a right answer in the so-called debate of gun control.

There are no two sides to it, and there is a right answer. Anti-gun people simply do not want to accept this, because it can unwind the entire bureaucracy that leverages so much money and sovereignty from the people.

When in doubt, follow the Constitution. Every debate needs an injection of Vitamin C, C for Constitution. There, you will find that there is a right answer.

Do these values of integrity undermine our laws? No, they use due process to stop abuses of due process.

There are no two sides to the second amendment because there are no two sides as to who is the Sovereign in this country. The people are the Sovereign, and all candidates for office need to be asked if they agree with this. It could be a very good tell as to what to expect from them instead of being surprised or disappointed as we often are.

In Jason Clayworth’s article, their House Joint Resolution 2005 caught the attention of Rep. Deborah Berry, D-Waterloo who carped that they would see another Gabrielle Giffords shooting, hardly a remark of public service. Do we need to say again that the shooter did not break gun laws as much as he broke murder laws, laws of attempted murder, and other laws already in place? It isn’t the gun laws in place which are the supreme offense, it is murder and no gun laws ever prevented a murder; gun laws enable murder, and that keeps crisis alive.

The second amendment is the lethal force which backs our authority as the Sovereign. The militia within the language of the second amendment means that the people – the people of all generations as much as the farmers and framers of the framing era – have the monopoly on all lethal force. We delegate what we wish to delegate to servants in order that they do their tasks, very much like giving the cook spending money to buy groceries, but at no time did we give away the ranch. The people retain all authority on all lethal force under our system, and there is no room for any discussion. The second amendment is absolute this way. And gun control is a challenge to our sovereignty this way.

Don’t like it? Change the second amendment by due process instead of infringing on it by abuses of due process. Until that hour, the second amendment is absolute and not subject to ordinary due process short of another amendment.

Iowa’s move to the repeal of gun control is the most straightforward move you can make for smaller government, getting control of spending, and for the reduction of corruption.

American non-gun owners working for smaller government and anti-corruption really should merge with America’s gun owners for that right Vitamin C blend: the sovereignty of the citizen over our servants. My take is that we won’t get to smaller government without the repeal of gun control first as the fraudulent incentive of officials, and we won’t see the repeal of gun control and our freedom again without smaller government.

If you’re a liberty activist, please see my CD-ROM on this.

John Longenecker’s CD-ROM – Outcomes 2012 – features tools to merge the electorate to a single national will in values, restoration of integrity, and due process. His email is John-

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