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Obama's Unnatural Half-American, Half-Foreign Citizenship

(a tale of three brothers with three different citizenships)

Adrien Nash · Jun. 8, 2012

A foreigner who loves America applies for entry permission. While awaiting it, his wife gives birth to a son. Then they receive permission and immigrate to the U.S. There the wife conceives and delivers another son. Then later they successfully complete the naturalization process and become American citizens. Then they have another son born in America. He can grow-up to be the President of the United States. His brothers can’t. They don’t have the correct type of citizenship. Does it matter? Absolutely not, anymore than that a girl “can grow up to become Miss America” but won’t. It ain’t gonna happen. The odds are one in 350 million.

The first son, a natural citizen of his native land, came to the U.S. as a foreigner and remained as such until the parents were naturalized. Then he was automatically naturalized also and obtained derivative citizenship through them via his blood connection to them. But if they never did naturalized then he would remain a foreigner even if he came to the U.S. as a baby and grew up here as an American.

The second son was born as a native American citizen per the 14th Amendment as interpreted by the Wong Kim Ark decision of 1898, but not as a natural born citizen since when he was born his parents were foreigners and not Americans. Their naturalization was not necessary to make him a U.S. citizen, -unlike his older brother. His citizenship is above the authority of Congress to regulate because it is not bestowed by Congress but by the Constitution (in the form of an amendment). He possesses constitutional citizenship. He needed to be naturalized by U.S. law because he was not born of American citizen parents. His naturalization took effect immediately upon birth. He is a “native born citizen” in the language of the Citizenship & Immigration Service. He had to be born within the United States in order to qualify for constitutional citizenship, and his father had to be a legal immigrant subject to the full authority of Washington.

His younger brother is not a citizen via the 14th Amendment but via natural law. His citizenship is not granted by any law ever passed, nor by any judicial decision, constitutional amendment, or the body of the Constitution itself. His citizenship is natural citizenship because he was born to citizens. Whatever nationality they were when he was born, he was the same. It was his birthright by the law of natural inheritance. Group members produce children who are members, citizens produce children who are citizens. Same Principle. Same as in nature or tribe or nation.

It doesn’t require the permission of any sovereign, nor bureaucrat, nor legislation, nor judicial decree. It’s the automatic unavoidable result of one’s inheritance of their parents’ political status, just as one inherits their nature and social status. That’s been the pattern of life for all social creatures since time immemorial. One is the same as one’s parents. Whatever group they belong to, so does their off-spring because he/she is what they are, deriving all from them. As a minor, a child is under the parents’ jurisdiction and belongs to them, not the government. Whatever jurisdiction the father is under, the entire family is under also since he is the titular head of the family. It’s been that way from time immemorial also.

The citizenship of Barry Obama is different from the three types of citizenship of the three brothers because he is not assumed by the government to be foreign born, nor the child of a naturalized citizen father, -nor even a non-naturalized immigrant father. He was born of a non-immigrant father and as such the 14th Amendment to the Constitution does not apply to him because he, through his father and like his father, was born subject to the United Kingdom & Commonwealth (UKC) and was not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States as required by the amendment. He was exempt by the Law of Nations. Only a legal immigrant can father a child with constitutional citizenship, but Obama’s father was a mere foreign student allowed in the United State on a Student Visa on a temporary basis. After which he would have to leave. He was not subject to the draft as were citizens and immigrants.

Consequently, Obama Jr. had no basis for U.S. citizenship other than the naturalization statutes that, within the lifetime of many Americans, were passed to allow U.S. citizenship to be deemed to be inherited from one’s mother when she was married to a foreigner. Without that still unidentified statute, Barack Obama would not be a United States citizen at all.

I wonder if he even knows what that statute is? No one else seems to. Though hopefully some bureaucrats within the Citizenship & Immigration Service know what it is. Someone must know, but so far, no one has stepped forward to identify it. But the issue is not what his citizenship is based on, but what it is not based on.

And it’s not based on natural inheritance of citizenship from citizen parents. That means he is not a natural citizen of the United States, even if he was born in the United States. He, like the native-born off-spring of Martians, is not a native of the country nor the nation because of his lack of a native father and his foreign alienage, -his roots (directly through his father) are in a foreign land, nation, culture, history, government and people, -none of which are American.

If half of one’s political inheritance, (one’s roots) is foreign, then one is not a natural citizen of either parents’ nation but is a man-made citizen, -a person made a citizen by practical positive law, -not nature, not inheritance, not blood connection. Just as the off-spring of a mixed-race couple is not a natural member of either race, so no man-made half-American citizen is a natural American and eligible to be the President & Commander-in-Chief because the Constitution requires that he be something that he is not, namely “a natural born citizen”. No other type is constitutionally qualified nor natural. “No person, except a natural born citizen…shall be eligible to the office of the President,”. Article II, Section I, Clause V.

Therefore, Barack Hussein Obama is constitutionally unqualified to be the President of the United States. But that fact is an unspeakable heresy within the Federal District of Columbia and the entire American news media. Among those who have a clue, no one will speak of it and none want to even think about it within the marbled corridors of power, because he is the most powerful man on the planet and has lots of money and lots of friends supporting him, -some of whom operate outside of the law. He seems to be bullet-proof. But no one is truth-proof and the truth has a nasty habit of just hanging around forever. But a day of reckoning is coming. And it can’t come too soon.

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