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Queer Fighting Words

James Atticus Bowden · Aug. 7, 2012

Marriage is between one man and one woman. Those are odd “fighting” words. Yet, for rabid homosexuals and their liberal lackeys, it is “hate speech.” How very, very odd. When America’s consensus culture was based on a confident, bold and brave Judeo-Christian worldview, such words were a simple statement of truth and encoded in our laws. A Muslim or Mormon might raise an eyebrow about the number of wives, but only behind closed doors. Today, the puffed up outrage, the best bullies can bluster, explodes.

How queer, indeed.

Oddly enough, the bullies known by an acronym, LGBT, changed the issue from a discussion about marriage to a fight over free speech.

The LGBT bullies must suppress Christian free speech. Homosexual “marriage” can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas. Honoring sinful sexual behavior is morally wrong. Christians know that homosexuality does what all sin does to man. Even though Christians love the sinner, LGBT bullies demand they submit to doublespeak. Christian love is hate to the LGBT. Christians must be bullied into silence.

Bullying reveals LGBT and liberal character. Also, it makes their political behavior predictable.

What Bullies Do

Where are speech, songs, and symbols banned? Where bullies reign. Whether it is an ancient despot, a modern totalitarian, a corrupt church-state, or Islam everywhere, when bullies govern intolerance rules. The absolutism of Puritan Liberalism forbids Christian prayers, songs and symbols in public, confederate flags anywhere, and any expression of American exceptionalism.

Why Bullies Win

Bullies win as long as opponents don’t fight back. Power corrupts. Bullies learn to win by intimidation. If given the chance to hurt others, without putting themselves in danger, bullies can be sadistic and cruel. Bullies do awful things, whether a single person, politician, pundit or a police state, if no one will stand up to them.

Bullies Are Cowards

Bullies of all ages are cowards. Boys who learn to fight like men don’t get bullied. The homosexuals who felt bullied as children, learned how to bully back better than their tormentors. Their agenda of anti-bullying campaigns is about promoting and recruiting more homosexuals through the public schools. It’s counter to the Christian anti-bully message of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Bullies Always Call Others Bullies

Bullies always cry “bully” when someone fights back. If they had the moral courage to fight fairly, they would. Since they don’t, they accuse all others of doing what they specialize in. Criticism of LGBT teaching in schools, vulgar parades, obligatory modeling in all media and promotion of disorder in the military is called “censorship.” Suppression of Christian free speech is called “tolerance.” Expect to hear the LGBT and liberals call Christians “bullies” – often and loudly.

Today’s Bully Is Tomorrow’s Tyrant

In every age, bullies just get worse. If an American can’t say, “Marriage is between a man and a woman,” then what is next? What is freedom of speech if such simple speech is forbidden? If an American says homosexual behavior is immoral, when will they be fined, put in jail, or executed?

Bullies Always Go Too Far

It’s good that the LGBT bullies pushed too hard too fast. They picked a clear fight about freedom of speech. And they choose as a battleground where restaurants serve tasty chicken. Better to have a “Chicken War” now than a bitter Thirty Year’s War-like conflict between the liberal human secularists and Christians in the future.

This is a good fight to win. America will see who are chicken and who are men and women.

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