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A Winning Way

Murray T. Bass · Sep. 5, 2012

Primaries are over. Candidates are confirmed. When primaries were still open, I refused to support the establishment RNC and Republican Senatorial Committee because they would spend my money to support “establishment” candidates who were opposing conservative candidates of my choice. So now that is no longer an issue. It’s OK to support the Republicans. But better still to support those candidates who demonstrate support for the Constitution by their actions and their votes. It is an Anti-Democrat anti-Obama kind of support.

What is the best Strategy for patriotic citizens to improve chances to win our country back?

We first have to recognize that there are three battlegrounds.

The first battleground is for the Presidency. The second is for control of the Legislative branches. The third is the information battle ground. The third is where foot soldiers like you and I can do a lot of good.

Finally, we must recognize that the election will be won or lost long before November. Mail in ballots will decide the outcome long before November 6th.

What must we do and when must we do it? Better to reverse that and ask: When must we get involved and how do we do it? We become active now, immediately. Earlier actions are most likely to be more effective than later ones.

In the Presidential battle we must persuade as many of our friends to get out and vote. And, if possible, motivate them to become foot soldiers in defeating Obama by supporting Mitt Romney. It really doesn’t matter if Romney was our first choice, because Barack Obama is our last choice. Do as much as possible before absentee ballots hit the mailboxes and continue until election day. Get out the vote of those over satisfied potential voters. Take their absentee ballots to the post office or to the polls if necessary. Become an active participant rather than just an observer. It’s true that money is a big factor in elections. So send money to the Romney Campaign. And send money to support Senatorial candidates and candidates for the House.

Winning strong majorities in the House and Senate are probably as important or more important than winning the battle for the presidency. Control of the purse strings is in the House and control of foreign policy and relations is in the Senate. The Senate can deny ratification of treaties that infringe on constitutional citizen rights or diminish our Status as a nation.

When do we join the fray? As soon as possible. We must vote for our candidates. We must support them with our time and effort. We simply can’t win by complaining. We have to be an active part of the battle to win America back. Make no mistake, we have already lost the America of our Founding Fathers. It is a case of standing up and fighting for our country now or accepting servitude for ourselves and our offspring forever. Walk precincts, man phone banks, volunteer in candidates offices – be a real American. My opinion: One of the weaknesses of conservative politics has been the failure to provide effective vehicles for people to become involved. I suggest neighborhood or community committees or associations where people can find things to do that will fit their abilities and schedules. Local militias? One activity for this kind of group is poll watching where folks can see and recognize their neighbors or strangers.

On the information front, be vocal, be loud and be persistent. Tell the truth about Obama and Democrat Socialists that the media won’t tell. Letters to the Editor, mailers, flyers, speech press releases, interviews on radio and TV, op-ed pieces – there are countless ways to tell the truth. And there are countless ways to find the truths that the media ignores. Here are a few:

Google “Obama Lies.” There are more than 10 pages detailing Obama lies about his history, his campaign promises and his relationship with Islam that are well documented by respected journalists and authorities.

Google “Obama Crimes” and get a long list of fraudulent activities and actions against the protection of the Constitution.

The media doesn’t report these but they are factual. They can be reported by private citizens like you and me. If we stay involved, we can win the information war. We can tell the truth more often than others tell lies. Expose their lies as lies.

Because we are certain that the Democrat Party has become Marxist-Socialist, we can take action and vote against Marxist Socialism. The opposition (Republican) may be far less than perfect but we know the Democrats are destroying the American Ideal and raping the Constitution – the document which was created to protect the God given rights of citizens as individuals. Democrats have made our voting decisions for us. We vote against Marxist-Socialism. We work and vote for America and the rule of law. If we aren’t willing to do that and lose America to the Socialists, we have no one but ourselves to blame. Placing blame does no good for our children and grandchildren who will be forced to live under the boots of tyrants like Obama from now on. This is your decision and my decision. I’ve decided to work and fight for America. How about you?

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