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Saving Essential Liberties: Where Will You Stand?

Murray T. Bass · Jan. 7, 2013

We fought to save our Essential Liberties through the election process. And lost. What do we do now? Give up and forget about it? Give up and complain about it? Continue to tell others what’s wrong and hope someone else will do something about saving our liberties? Or, do we stand up, work and fight for America and become one of today’s equivalents to the 56 men of 1776?

Giving up or just complaining allows the despots to take more of our liberties away from us and from future generations of Americans. We have already spent years telling each other what’s wrong and what should be done but no one has stepped forward to save us. The only course of action for us is to step up, stand up and become America’s saviors. Save ourselves and our families.

If we are willing to do that, our chances of restoring our Essential Liberties are far better than through the election process. The “Establishment,” made up of the leaders of both major parties has built procedures for their own benefit which effectively shut out the public; you and me.

The research I have done convinces me that there are many hundreds of organizations involving millions of citizens who believe as we do. So it is not a question of scope or size of opposition to today’s despotism. It is really a question of patriots being divided into single concern groups, each trying to protect one of our Essential Liberties. Our task will be to unite those groups into an irresistible force that will “throw off” our present despots and self servers and restore our Essential Liberties.

My questions to each person reading this commentary are these. Do you want to give up, just complain, or keep playing the same “what’s wrong with America” message over and over? Or do you want to be a part of a movement that can save and restore our Essential Liberties? Save the nation fashioned by our Founding Fathers. Help create a new Declaration of Independence.

A lot of creativity and hard work will be involved like:

  1. Providing ideas on how best to build an effective program. We have lots of ideas but they may not be the best. Become a part of the leadership.

  2. Spreading the word to influential folks you know. And to family, friends and folks in organizations you are a part of. Recruit patriots.

  3. Finding the organizations and people who are concerned about the direction our nation has taken and are trying to do something to change our country’s course. Identifying the contact persons.

  4. Helping to create a format that people and organizations will respond to.

  5. Later, serving as liaison to groups with special concerns, such as religious freedom, the right to bear arms, economic freedom, free trade, energy independence and many, many more. How and with whom you may be involved will depend on your interests and knowledge.

  6. Creation of documents and contact materials to elicit support.

  7. Make presentations as a part of the New Declaration Speakers bureau. Help create that group.

  8. Develop internet, Facebook, twitter presences designed to inform and recruit.

  9. Create a non-profit Corporation to solicit funds necessary to do business. If you are an attorney experienced in this, your personal contribution will be highly valued.

  10. Create your own niche based on what you can do best.

This is a very short, partial list of things that need enthusiastic participation by committed patriots.

This is not a “Wham bam thank you ma'am” kind of program. It will take time to do it right. The initial stage will probably be a development stage. Trial and error. Finding what works and what doesn’t. Building base financial and concept supporters; marketing to centers of influence, then to the public. Finally, organizing the meetings, conventions and other completion details. It’s too early to tell now but fairly early in the process, we should be able to lay you a time table for completion of each stage. I think stages need not run consecutively but can be moving along at the same time.

I imagine some readers are saying to themselves, “What is that old man trying to get us to do”? The answer to that question is, “Act on your beliefs. Really be an American Patriot.”

I write 6 or 7 columns a month for the Fairfield (CA) Daily Republic. A young reader e-mailed me and said he thought I was a “Crazy, old conservative Kook.” I wrote back that I am not a “conservative.” I am an American. All other labels require or allow compromising the fundamental concepts involved in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I am an American 100% of the time. Maybe it’s just semantics but I want you to know who I am.

I believe we have to present to the American public a list of the offenses of the President and Congress in an action form that cannot be swept under the carpet by the media. And then be forgotten as they are now. The New Declaration of Independence will not be a news item to be diminished and forgotten. As it is created and develops it will take on a life of its own in the minds and hearts of patriotic Americans. There may be other approaches which might do the same, but I haven’t been able to think of them. The election process doesn’t work because America’s political system is irreparably corrupt. We can restore Essential Liberties if we take charge and do it ourselves. So, decide how you want to be a part of restoring America. Contribute ideas, work and enthusiasm. Contact everyone you know and recruit them to be a part of a noble cause. Love America enough to make her whole again. We can do it.

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