Grassroots Commentary


Charlie Lyon · Jan. 14, 2013

If the troubling events of the past few weeks, the soul-wrenching massacre in Connecticut and the mind-numbing fiscal debacle in Washington, DC, have you throwing your hands in despair then it is time to seriously consider our alternatives to the madness. The answers currently being offered reflect the divide over worldview in our country today.

Regarding the increased violence perpetrated on society, one side advocates greater control of behavior (including the law abiding), the other side advocates greater resistance to the violators. Regarding the “fiscal cliff” one side advocates greater control of our limited resources, the other side calls for greater sensibility in spending decisions.

The Founding Fathers understood there were only two ends of the political spectrum: zero government (anarchy) or 100% government (tyranny). The brilliance of their political experiment was in developing a system that keeps the balance: We The People. A firm reliance on Nature’s God and Natural Law – the God-created ability to reason and inform – relies on the capability of people to figure out sensible answers to the complex problems living in society present.

I honestly try to listen to the “other side” which used to be true liberals who genuinely wanted to solve society’s problems, but who have been hijacked by true socialists … and I just can’t. Maybe it’s the arrogance, maybe the futility, maybe the senselessness of their arguments. But they would say the same thing of me. However, this I know, I do not want their “vision” of an ordered society. Whether they see the logical conclusions of “gun-control” or Keynesian spendonomics, I can’t say, but I’m not willing to wait around, like them, to see if “it” works. It seems to me that they are less willing to wait and more willing to coerce control of the order.

Of course I believe in an “orderly” society whereby individuals enter into a commonwealth of shared interests – freely. But more and more of the tone of debate, especially in regard to gun control is taking a deadly turn as people prepare for the worst: forced confiscation of liberty symbolized by armed resistance to tyranny.

The Civil War, whether fought for “state’s rights” or the abolition of slavery was still a war of conscience and principle. Were another civil war to break out in our land, it seems more clear that the fight would be against an alien invasion of our government than a fight against principled reason. Case in point: the socialists must cloak their “wolvery” in sheep’s clothing to persuade the unprincipled they have their best interests at heart. Alas, history is not on their side for the outcome. As in every country where centralized government control has been tried, millions must necessarily be massacred to instill the essential fear to control the remaining feeble masses.

No one in civil society wants to think about this possibility. But if we, like the founders, understand history and human nature then we must also, like them pledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honor to fuel the flames of freedom! And, while there is still time, we need to continue to send that message to our elected officials – we are the land of the Brave! We do know the price of liberty, and we are more than willing to pay it!

While it is still a land of the rule of law we must hold the highest accountable for their decisions. I suggest that we, in every state, urge our state legislators to begin the outcry and legal avenues available to bring impeachment proceedings if by Executive Order the president even attempts to infringe upon our unalienable rights to keep and bear arms!

The greatest difficulty for proponents of centralized government is not just the armed citizenry but the makeup of our local governments. It is essential that we begin forming associations of the free in our families, neighborhoods and communities to 1) study & teach the founding principles of the USA and 2) come up with plans to resist tyranny, as well as showing up at school, township and county boards to hold our elected officials accountable and send the message that we will be free!