Grassroots Commentary

The Time for Action Is Now

Mike Chambers · Jan. 21, 2013

Like radio commentator Mark Levin has announced, I will not be watching inaugural coverage Monday. I have seen enough of this President and have more important things to do.

I will continue to try and break my one-year plus bout with unemployment with more calls and more applications. Even with a bachelor’s degree in journalism (don’t laugh – even some journalists are conservative) it’s a hard row to hoe when you’re in your late fifties.

During free time I will continue to stock up on wood for the woodstove, food, water and other necessities of life. I will also improve my bartering and other skills, and communicate my concerns with family, friends, and neighbors. I fear even worse times may be on the way.

This President will not listen to reason or history. He would not listen to the Bole/Simpson suggestions, recommendations from his jobs panel (which hasn’t met in more than a year), any conservative idea brought before him, or acknowledge the reams of evidence showing we are on a collision course with economic Armageddon.

He is either stupid, or the acts are intentional – and I am more and more leaning toward the latter. I call it ‘traitorous transformation,’ a theft of our independence, faith, culture, and a continued erosion of the Constitutional foundation that has been the envy of all freedom-loving people across the globe.

When America finally goes belly up – and it will if the current path is not corrected – you had best kept at least one weapon to protect your family and yourself from the hordes of dependency drug addicts coming off government assistance because of an end to ‘free’ money.

Hungry people do desperate things and even 911 will not be able to answer the calls. Why do you think the administration wants more ‘gun control’ that will, in the end, not protect children? Why is the Department of Homeland Security stockpiling ammo?

Remember Janis Joplin: “Freedom’s just another word if there’s nothing left to lose.”

It isn’t a conspiracy – it’s a tactical decision, one that is open and documentable for anyone who dares look.

So what is the end game? Can anyone really believe we can spend ourselves back into prosperity? Does one really believe more regulations, higher taxes, and economic stagnation will do anything but increase the spiral toward even more trillions of dollars of indebtedness and national ruin?

Or is the plan to literally sell our nation, its physical assets, resources, currency, independence, global influence and history to China, or maybe to the United Nations?

That would be a debt swap from hell.

Or is there a better way?

I can only pray for the best – and prayer may be a big part of the answer – and prepare for the worst.

Meanwhile, I implore my conservative brothers and sisters in the House and Senate take up philosophical arms and fight like your lives – and ours – depend on it. They indeed may.

The time for compromise is over, if it ever existed, with this administration. The republican House is the last firewall to put the brakes on the train, by whatever legal remedy you may muster. Seek out and sell our case to conservative democrats and moderate republicans who, despite some leanings, are still American patriots who would place America before themselves.

The time for action is now…not the next election cycle. Millions of Americans will follow – if you will lead.

At the same time, as citizens, we must renew our efforts on the local and state levels. Be informed, inform others, take all legal actions and encourage all of those around you to do likewise.

Two parting thoughts from Benjamin Franklin: “It’s a republic, if you can keep it…” and “We either hang together, or hang separately.”

Mike Chambers is a former news broadcast journalist, currently seeking work as a freelance photographer and/or writer.