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Progressives: Their Inescapable Conundrum (Part I)

Adrien Nash · Feb. 8, 2013

The Atheist-Progressive – Declaration of Independence

We hold this philosophy to be preeminent, that men are inherently unequal because some, via superior genetic inheritance, are superior to others. That they are endowed by evolution with greater intelligence and insight, and therefore, with greater rights, that among these is the right to decide important matters for those with lesser intelligence and insight.

To secure the rights of the natural masters, governments are instituted among men, and though some (who cling to a belief in the superstition of a creator-god) assert that all men are created equal, government must serve to uphold the truth and limit their influence so as to not impede the social progress that needs to be forcibly brought to bear by the natural masters in order to level the playing field, and thereby guarantee a uniform, fair and equal outcome for all.

The goal of government, (rather than being to guarantee equal opportunity), is to insure equal benefits for all, thereby providing economic justice for the inferior class which is unable to compete in a merit & effort-rewarding economy.

The natural masters therefore ascribe to themselves the authority to obtain the needed resources to achieve that goal, which is accomplished by taking from Peter to give to Paul.

High achievers must not be rewarded too generously because high rewards earned by and obtained by them would come at the expense of low and non-achievers who must be provided a somewhat equal reward for simply showing up.

They must be treated with equal respect because their value to society is….is….is….a guaranteed market for the production of the high achievers. Therefore they are a necessary segment of society and should be honored and rewarded as such.

Also, they are the natural allies in maintaining a just social order. Their gratitude towards and dependence on the progressive efforts of the master ruling class insures that they remain in control and are therefore able to continue to provide the enforcement of the just redistribution of all goods and services based not on a selfish achievement & reward system, but on a fair and balanced system that guarantees equal benefit for all.

* * *

This creed is the “heads” side of the Marxist coin. The “tails” side is not so shiny. It secretly adheres to the “scientific truth” about the human species, which as was “learned” from the father of evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin, and the mother of eugenics, Margaret Sanger, that all people are not equal. That some are inherently inferior, which although true, means that they are, -or are not, protected by moral rights that spring from man’s divine creation and endowment with rights co-equal to all others.

[If that not be true but be false, then they are endowed with nothing, -and human rights do not exist since there was no Deity behind their endowment.]

(See Part II.)

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