Grassroots Commentary

Christopher Dorner Fugitive Ex-Cop Wasted Beautiful Smile

Albert Maslar · Feb. 14, 2013

God blessed Christopher Dorner, fugitive ex-cop with a truly beautiful and captivating smile that could have been a blessing and inspiration to all he met. But for whatever reason, Dorner wasted his God-given gift on a vengeance, based in fact or not, killing those who had nothing to do with his real or imagined problems.

Like clockwork, the search for Dorner’s whereabouts took the 24/7 news cycle Media by storm, dropping every other major story to the back pages. The man like others before him, played out his anger on the world stage as though, as though they were the only ones that counted.

Anti-gun people were unrelenting in casting blame on guns that were in fact used as the instrument of death in all the recent cases of mass murders. A closer examination indicates that often guns were stolen or illicitly acquired, and that the shooters were one-way-or-the-other, not mentally or morally balanced.

Consider the first recorded murder in human history, as Cain killed his brother Abel because it appeared God favored Abel’s offering more. How Cain killed Abel is not known except that Cain did not use a gun.

Only a thin line separates love from hate and this age of instant communication worldwide magnifies hateful acts that were more or less localized rather than globalized as is the case today. Violence is prevalent in eduction, TV, entertainment, movies, XBox type games, and magnified by Media to gain their portion of the market.

Mental issues and conflicting side-effects of a staggering array of drugs and remedies are still unrecognized contributors to random violent acts. Decline of family and related values, along with diminishing dependence on religion and the Ten Commandments do nothing to inhibit surging anger to explode into murder against innocent victims.

Government thinks all this violence can be contained or eliminated, but without an admission of the value of life, there is not much hope that this rationale can succeed. When there is no respect for the smallest unprotected life, the aging, disabled, handicapped, and other no-longer contributors to society, the results are splattered all over the media, 24/7.