Grassroots Commentary

Joe Biden's Shotgun Defense

Jerry Moore · Feb. 22, 2013

I was intrigued with Vice President Joe Biden’s plan for the defense of his family.

It is interesting on several levels. Tell you wife to step out on the balcony with a double barreled shotgun and indiscriminately discharge both barrels without identifying or acquiring a target. In most residential communities this action would be illegal and could cause you to spend some time at your local jail. It certainly would cause me to think that “Grinnin Joe” should take an NRA Gun Safety Course.

I gave this more thought and determined that this is a special plan that will only work for Liberal Elitists. It is called the LIMDIP (Liberal Elite Mansion Defense Initiation Plan). The LIMDIP would probably work well when you are surrounded by armed Secret Service Agents but feel the need to stop a nasty yard gnome from advancing on your favorite fountain.

I would suggest that “Grinnin Joe” should take his LIMDIP to the mean streets of Chicago, Washington DC, Oakland, CA or Detroit and give it a try. Step out on your porch, since these neighborhoods don’t have many balconies. Discharge both barrels of of your shotgun in the air and then see how many rounds of return fire you get while you are reloading. That is assuming of course that they don’t take the empty shotgun away from you and beat you to death with it.