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The Fight for Life and Liberty Is One Cause

Trey Mays · Mar. 8, 2013

Thomas Jefferson and the other four members of the Declaration committee wrote the following profound and fundamental words in our Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The Founding Fathers wanted to form a new nation that respected and protected the Individual from an overbearing central government. Therefore, the foundational ideals that these United States of America were built on were the God-ordained, unalienable natural rights to Life, Liberty, and Property.

The Founding Fathers not only put forth a list of grievances they had with the King of England (King George III), they also eloquently articulated the principles and ideals that their new nation and new government would be built on. They didn’t just create a government based on the people’s right to liberty and property; to be free to live our lives the way we see fit. They also built a nation on the fundamental idea that every individual, including the unborn child, has the right to Life. We must stand strong for the Individual’s right to Life just as we stand strong for the Individual’s right to Liberty.

Therefore, America needs leaders who will focus and limit the federal government only to those issues that protect and defend the life, the liberty, and the property of all human beings, but specifically those who are citizens of the United States of America.

Abortion might be a controversial topic, but a majority of Americans now call themselves pro-life. President Obama and the Democrats didn’t win the abortion argument in the 2012 election, they only succeeded in shaping the abortion narrative to be about a non-existent war on women and contraception. Those of us who believe in the God-given unalienable natural right to Life and make the abortion issue be about protecting human life or killing it, we win because we’re on the side of Life. We shouldn’t let candidates who cannot articulate the Sanctity of Life issues to allow us to cower in fear for discussing the realities of abortion in the country. We must remain steadfast in our resolve in protecting Life.

We should push for a Personhood Constitutional Amendment that doesn’t necessarily outright ban abortion, per se, but it would define a human person from the moment of conception to natural death. Abortion might still be legal under a Personhood Amendment because of Roe v. Wade (until we can get Justices who will overturn that bad ruling), but because of the Personhood Amendment all Americans would know they would be aborting living human beings and any abortion clinic would be required to tell the ladies that the baby is a person before they had an abortion.

The cultural issue of the family, the foundation that liberty and civil society are built on, is a controversial issue as well. However, it’s only a controversial issue because parents have allowed the moral-relative, cultural left to destroy the traditional family structure. It’s hard work building a culture where liberty and civil society can both flourish. We still shouldn’t abandon our principles and allow a morally corrupt culture shape our society. However, we don’t always have to legislate our family values to force people to live the right way in America, but we can oppose and stop cultural legislation that would do harm to the traditional family structure.

When these United States of America was founded, we were a nation that was united on the belief that there was a God that created everything and gave us our Rights. American citizens might not have all believed in God, but we all acknowledged and respected that there was a Creator, the Author of our Rights. Now we have a secular left that is committed to a godless society where all truth is relative. We have a culture of death in America that is killing millions and millions of defenseless unborn children, collectivist utopians eroding away at our liberties, and anti-Americans weakening our military and defense.

Restoring America begins with “We the People” returning to our common faith and belief that our natural, unalienable Rights come from God. We must recommit our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to God, the Author of our natural Rights. When we put God first in this country, Truth will begin returning to our great nation.

Libertarians are absolutely correct to promote and defend the principles and natural rights to Liberty and Property. However, they would be wise to learn that the natural right to Life, and the traditional family structure, is just as important as Liberty and Property are to a flourishing civil society. Libertarians, Conservatives, and Christians should join forces in the fight for Life, Liberty, and Property. We have a common enemy in the Collectivist Utopians.

Trey Mays is a Conservative political commentator. He can be contacted by email at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @TreyMays and Like him on Facebook @TreyMaysUSA.

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