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What's With Market-Marriage-Morality-Muslims-Money-Medical

Albert Maslar · May 9, 2013

Only a seer can make heads or tails out of the prevailing news of any given day. Wall Street took the stage as the market barometer Dow Jones Industrial (DJI) average topped out at a new record. That can only mean one thing: Big business does not mind lingering unemployment as it puts them in position of capitalizing on generally lower labor costs in that fewer employees often result in higher individual productivity.

Love of money is the big driver as observing CNBC hucksters and their unabashed shameless Wall Street machinations of the Bulls and Bears blitzing to outdo each other in “High Frequency Trading” (HFT) that is the bane of ordinary investors who either pick up some crumbs or lose their proverbial shirt. HFT occurs in the blink of an eye and since greed has no boundaries, these moneychangers want more fiber optic networks to be built, tying these Greeds to still more markets. The sad part is that they get tax breaks for gambling, and who is to say, eventual collapse with unforeseen consequences. But now that new record highs have been reached, can the bubble bursting in air be in the near future?

Marriage is another issue that declines in popularity as more people resort to cohabiting along with alternate lifestyles. Morality takes a nosedive and everything and anything goes as long as it is not Christian. Evidently government holds that gay marriage that is not in the Constitution is more valuable than freedom of religion that is in the Constitution.

Not surprising since the values of the country are fictional, coarsening, and no longer based on Christian/Judeo principles. President and First Lady Michelle bowed at the gay altar as they paid homage to a nondescript basketball player who came out of the closet, no doubt to get more money, and if not, equating it to discrimination, allowing lawsuits that too often are settled out of court, just so that it goes away. Just wait.

Christianity is dangerous in that denial of Jesus the Christ is a ticket to eternal obscurity. Modern American culture worships at the altar of homosexuality as President Obama and First Lady Michelle paid homage to one insignificant basketball player who came out of the closet. That takes an abundance of false bravado.

Muslims continue to cast their pall over the world with daily threats permeating the news. Many Muslim countries are governed, if that’s the right word, by dictators or radical Imams, while revolutionaries seek and gain US backing, approval, arms, and money, only to end up being worse than the hated ousted dictators. America has been burned with Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, and other secret escapades, particularly in Africa, but failing in all. What makes anyone think verbose politicians can now make the best decisions, which actually is not to give any money or support to Middle East countries or terrorists, and let them throw stones that they do well and frequently.

Islam always demands more financial and military help that sooner or later is turned against the US as exemplified by President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, who demands more and more financial aid while he satanizes the US out of the other corner of his mouth. Much like Obama who always wants more taxes on top of tax increases just received as he never has enough money to squander. In their own ways, both Karzai and Obama work against the best interest of the US.

Islam is dominant in about 57 countries that at any given time are involved in roughly 50 wars around the globe. Islam lives and dies by its interpretation of “SUBMISSION.” Islam has been at war, terror, and violence since Muhammad some 1400 years ago. The only way to treat them is like a malignant disease that affects everything it touches. For starters, simply cut off ALL funding of Muslim nations and let their oil barons pay the piper, which they refuse to do.

Muslims supposedly want to kill homosexuals. As to the Muslim Brotherhood, they were favored by Obama in Egypt, and now they are worse than the previous dictator. Ditto for Libya and ANY revolt that Obama favors. Muslim Brotherhood is for imposed extreme Shariah Law, America’s worst nightmare. Liberals give domestic Muslim terrorists a pass as their violence is trivialized as the perpetrators being home-grown self-radicalized, not admitting that it is part of the plan to avoid detection.

Medical issues take front and center in that promises made to the uninsured have resulted in just as many, if not more, being uninsured under ObamaCare as previously, despite the absolute multiple promises that, “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance; if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; and the average family will save about $2,500 per year.” All not true but instead of saving $2,500 each year, insurance costs are increasing by about $3,000 each year.

Congress cannot strike ObamaCare down NOW, as it is an exercise in futility. Been there done that and guess what? NOTHING. Defunding ObamaCare is the only thing that can work but Speaker Boehner is a COWARD. Boehner refused to block funding, as he is a RINO and enemy #1 to the true Conservative cause. Forget the good-intentioned histrionics to repeal ObamaCare because the Senate will not go along with it and even an idiot knows Obama would not sign to kill his own healthcare law.

How can anyone keep their patriotism in light of the war on religion, particularly in the military, which as a direct unit of government is subjected to absolute rules prohibiting religion other than government non-religion? Mention of Jesus in the military equates to proselytizing, a serious crime in the military and subject to charges of treason, court-martial, and/or discharge from the military; and that applies to military chaplains. So pray (Freudian slip) tell, what is the purpose of military chaplains? What good are a country and a military that gives preference to homosexuals but persecutes Christians?

Obama knows how to dish it out and scold scold scold, but that is getting old old old, and don’t forget Obama is a very poor sour-grapes loser. Without God there is nothing, so why should Americans join or stay in a military that denies the basic Constitutional right to Freedom of Religion? Maybe for no other reason than to be ready to take up the promise of Thomas Jefferson, that America may one day again be required to take up arms to oust yet another King George III wannabe renegade unconstitutional government.

President Obama is “very comfortable” with a new rule issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that would allow women ages 15 and older to buy the emergency contraceptive known as Plan B without a prescription. Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has reviewed and is also comfortable with Plan B for the youngest of girls. Obama said at a Mexico City press conference, “She’s comfortable with it. I’m comfortable with it.” Reportedly the permitted age has since been lowered to age 11. As in the traditional Trinidad Limbo dance, how low can you go?

Obama misses the point that these girls are still minors and he is usurping parental responsibility and arbitrarily giving the state control over these young impressionable young girls. And contrary to Obama’s scientific assertion, these Plan B drugs are not safe for anyone. And what about the two Obama daughters Sasha, 11, and Malia, 14, who are at those young impressionable ages? The anointed one supersedes Congress, the Supreme Court, and now the medical profession. What a misguided ego, but will it stand up to the ultimate ego?

During the same visit, Obama blamed Mexican violence on US guns, but neglected to admit that it was his “Fast and Furious” gun running program that let thousands of guns go to Mexican drug cartels, supposedly to find out who the drug dealers were.

To help that and other nefarious causes, there is now a gun that can be made with a 3D printer with available software at a price any terrorist can afford; some may be offered for free. Digital blueprints can be placed on servers outside the US or outside any nation that bans guns – bans that will prove to be an exercise in futility, a totally pointless endeavor, as the barn doors have been blown open as worldwide terrorist horses willy nilly run amok. This should make TSA perverts very happy as now they will be allowed to frisk everybody to their heart’s content to find plastic weapons not showing up on an x-ray. Oh joy.

Good news for those interested in the truth about Benghazi, notwithstanding emotional denials by former Sec of State Hillary Clinton. Congressional hearings have begun to explain the disputed timeline of events of the Benghazi 9/11 anniversary attack on the American Consulate that killed four Americans in 2012. State Department official Gregory Hicks was the key witness and has already declared that it was known to be an organized attack from the get-go, and Special Forces could have helped save lives and safeguard evidence and classified materials at the US facility but had been ordered to “Stand Down.” Security was sorely lacking and basically assigned to an al Qaida friendly organization, and for reasons still unknown, covered-up by the Obama administration. If there is nothing to hide, why hide it? Hopefully Shakespeare was right and “The truth will out.”

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