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Lawyers & Death Panels Corrupt Rule of Law

Albert Maslar · May 10, 2013

Existence of death panels has been denied from the beginning, but the fact is that these panels, whatever the title designated, amount to power of politically appointed panels to approve or deny treatment and/or medications for arbitrary reasons, mostly cost, as panels determine which life is worth saving and which is not.

A notorious death panel is Planned Parenthood for the purpose of killing future taxpayers, that receives half its funding from taxpayers, half of whom are morally against paying for abortion. Another one-man death panel is the one issuing Executive Orders to kill the approved Keystone XL Pipeline that would eventually provide two million direct and indirect jobs, all paying needed taxes while removing need for expensive welfare benefits for the unemployed.

The House of Representatives led by Speaker John Boehner had the power to defund ObamaCare but caved in to President Obama who fathered this budget-killing atrocity. Other death panels are corrupt bureaucracies that issue massive regulations that delight in killing jobs with massive ridiculous regulations that are the bane of prospective employers and the long-term unemployed.

Not to mention death panels using erroneous political correctness to corrupt and kill families by killing morality and virtually persecuting God and Christianity. Military chaplains are prohibited from preaching Jesus. Then there is the constant fracturing of the Constitution that is slowly but surely killing the not much longer united United States. No death panels? Count ‘em.

Lawyers are at the root of death panels, imposing contradictory regulations that guarantee the need for more legal services. The notorious “Gang of Eight” has been writing S. 744, a massive 844 page Immigration bill loved only by lawyers, lobbyists, and advocacy groups who will capitalize on the legal needs of some 11 to 30 million illegal immigrants, and the ongoing mantra of the proponents is that they are not “illegal.”

Were the proposed S. 744 become law, the financial door would be open wide for lawyers and advocates on behalf of illegal aliens. The bill allows illegal aliens to sue government for amnesty, individually or as part of a class action, and authorizes the Attorney General to appoint attorneys to represent illegal aliens at taxpayers’ expense. The bill authorizes illegal aliens to avail themselves of the federal court system up to the Appellate Court level, if they are turned down for amnesty.

S. 744 also obligates taxpayers to pay lawyer fees, as it strikes existing language that states that an alien’s right to counsel in an immigration case must be at no government expense, and grants the Attorney General “sole and unreviewable discretion” to appoint or provide counsel to aliens in immigration proceedings. AG Eric Holder will rule for illegal immigrants, as his publicly stated position is to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens that is a matter of civil and human rights.

Only lawyers can dispute illegal acts as being something other than illegal. “Will-writing lawyers” have been disparaged as the big money is in frivolous lawsuits that are settled out of court just to make the problem go away. On the surface, Class-Action lawsuits appear to be for the benefit of those damaged by defective products or services. But the fact is that class action lawyers gain more than the injured parties they purport to represent, as they actually choose themselves to represent their best interest, massive fees, while the suitors are often left with crumbs, if any remain after the rip-off.

Lawyers will never be out of work at the corporate level, as they are needed to enable companies to comply with massive conflicting regulations imposed by government lawyers of a hundred wasteful bureaucracies who justify their existence by writing still more self-serving regulations.

Pharisees in the Old Testament were the first recorded lawyers in human history, and their forte was to design and impose laws, rules, and regulations that eventually proved to be unbearable to the people, as following the letter of the law often went contrary to the spirit of the law, a commonality of conflicting legalities of modern culture.

According to the Congressional Research Service 170 members of the House and 60 Senators are lawyers, while a number more are lawyers but list another primary profession. What Congress then does best is to provide fertile ground for their first love, the legal profession.

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” is a most famous Shakespeare oft-quoted line from the play, “King Henry The Sixth,” but the original intent and context of the quote was actually favorable to lawyers in that “the surest way to chaos and tyranny even then was to remove the guardians of independent thinking.”

The high-profile murder case of Jodi Arias has reportedly cost Arizona residents more than $1.4 million to finance her aggressive state-appointed legal team but the cost-clock is still ticking. Arias spent 18 days of the four-month trial on the witness stand testifying in her defense, raising questions as to the right to a speedy trial as stipulated in the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution as follows:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.

This was arguably an open and shut case of the 2008 admitted brutal murder of live-in boyfriend by Jodi Arias who claimed self-defense. Regardless of the merits of her claim, why is a 2008 murder case just being tried in 2013? The OJ Simpson trial spanned nearly nine months, costing an estimated $9 million for Los Angeles County, resulting in Simpson being found “not guilty,” that is different from “innocent.” Simpson later in Civil Court was found guilty and liable for damages in the wrongful death of his ex-wife. Do these trials deliver on the right to a speedy trial, or are trials lengthened to pad legal fees?

Like Wall Street, politicians, and those driven by greed, lawyers are not all good or all bad, but like foods and beverages that are good but can be bad when taken in excess, the caveat is that most food and drink when taken in moderation are basically good, and so it is with good lawyers, except for those who use their powers to game and abuse the system purely for profit. Lawyers are like women; can’t live with them; can’t live without them.

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