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Craven Cowards

Michael Oberndorf · May 28, 2013

It has been clear for the past five years that conservative politicians are a bunch of craven cowards. Fear of being called racists, or even mean-spirited sets them to whimpering, trembling, and hand-wringing, eyes rolling as they desperately search for the nearest hole to hide their heads in. They have lost the ability to use words like “liar,” “abuse of power and/or office,” “criminal acts,” much less “treason” and “traitor.” They cower in the background, literally letting Obama, Holder, H.R. Clinton, Jarrett, Axelrod, Timmy “The Mouthpiece” Carney, Rahm Emanuel, et al. get away with murder.

The current rash of “scandals” is but a continuation of the lawlessness that has characterized the Democrats for the past 60 years. The craven cowards seem to have totally forgotten that it was Democrat Lyndon Johnson who completely fabricated from whole cloth – that’s made up a huge lie, for those of you who were “educated” in government schools – the so called Gulf of Tonkin Incident, a supposed attack on U.S. naval forces by the North Vietnamese, that he used to justify massive insertion of American troops into Vietnam. Bush’s supposed lie regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq doesn’t even come close, even assuming he did lie, nonsense only far-left Marxist Democrats believe, yet the craven cowards in Congress utter not a peep.

Nor do the cowards have the backbone to bring up the fact that in 2009, the bailout of Chrysler resulted in 789 dealerships being closed, nearly all owned by Republicans, or Democrats who opposed Obama. Leftist apologists like Snopes and others bent over backwards to spin this as a not intentional coincidence, but given Obama’s abuses of power, before and since, this sure looks like more of the same. Nixon appears a rank amateur compared to Obama & Co.

This despicably craven behavior has allowed Obama and the self-avowed Marxist revolutionaries he has appointed to dozens of positions of power within the administration to move forward, virtually unobstructed, with their looting of the treasury, emasculation and hobbling of the military, undermining of national security, persecution of Christians, vilification of conservatives, especially those who believe in government by the Constitution. The craven ones have allowed the border of our once sovereign nation, and our immigration laws which served us so well for so long, to be turned into a memory. They have said nothing about elections like the blatantly fraudulently one in Minnesota that foisted Al Franken on We, the People, or the one in Nevada where the votes of thousands of criminal invaders from Mexico let fascist Harry Reid steal the election from solid Tea Party conservative, Sharon Angle, and continue his reign of corruption as Democrat Senate Majority Leader. It allowed leftist political hack, Sherod Brown, to steal the Ohio Senate election from solid Tea Party conservative, Josh Mandel.

The Senate clearly should have had a Republican majority, but the craven cowards can’t object when their heads are…er…uh…buried in the sand. The radical racist who runs the Injustice Department has totally refused to even consider investigating, much less bringing charges. No surprise, since, with the unequivocal approval of his boss, B. Hussein Obama, he has decided that he and the administration are above the law, and can do anything they darn well please.

The chances of any serious resistance to B. Hussein’s selling us out to radical Islam, at home and abroad, are not even slim, they are none. We have a taqiyya Muslim in the White House, a Muslim running the CIA, a Muslim sympathizer running the Department of Homeland Security, and numerous radical Islamists in the State Department and other positions of power in federal agencies. The Benghazi debacle was, among other things, about gun-running to Obama’s al-Qaeda allies who have taken over the anti-Assad forces in Syria. Yet the taqiyya Liar-in-Chief had the temerity to publicly announce – again – that al-Qaeda has been defeated and that Muslims are a “fundamental part of the American Family.”

The nearly totally corrupt Senate Foreign Relations Committee has just voted 15-3 to approve S. 960 to fund sending weapons, money, and American troops to “aid” the al-Qaeda dominated Syrian “rebels.” Strangely, Rand Paul was joined by uber-liberal Democrats Undall (D-NM) and Murphy (D-CT) in voting against it. The rest of the Republicans on the committee turned traitor. It looks like our traitorous Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and his bloodthirsty rubber stamps in the Senate are about to get us into another war in the Middle East, a war in which we have zero, zip, nada national interest.

Our country is being sold out, our Constitutional republic is being undermined, and We, the People, are being set up for life under a collectivist, totalitarian police state. Unfortunately, We, the People, through our neglect of our civic duty to be active in the affairs of our towns, counties, states, and nation, have allowed this to happen. The Question is: do we have the necessary backbone ourselves to stop it?

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