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Barack Obama's True Colors

Larry Reams · Jun. 3, 2013

Leadership is everything! The success or failure of any entity, whether it be business, government, social, religious, military, etc. depends on the quality of leadership it has and the leader’s integrity, experience, honor, trustworthiness, character, values, principles and honesty. A leader is responsible for what his unit does or fails to do. A successful entity has good leadership, a failing entity has poor leadership.

Recent disclosures, i.e. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservative groups, the DOJ targeting journalists, and a myriad other situations and outcomes, convince correct thinking people that the Obama administration is an abject failure. And while he claims to know nothing, that’s totally irrelevant. It’s also a lie. Mr. Obama appointed all these people to their positions in government and is thus responsible for their actions, good or bad, no matter his many attempts at avoiding responsibility. Obama created the culture we see imploding all around us; scandal after scandal, incompetence, cover-up, lies, voter fraud, the usurping of our Constitutional rights, intimidation, divisiveness, death and destruction. It’s all blood on Mr. Obama’s hands, particularly with Fast and Furious and Benghazi. He IS the Commander-in-Chief, elected by dolts, some of whom are beginning to awaken from their comma.

As a veteran, familiar with the military code of honor and the 200+ year ethos of “never leaving a man behind,” I consider Mr. Obama to be a national disgrace as Commander in Chief. His actions during the Benghazi event and subsequent cover up are treasonous. Actions speak louder than words, especially lying words. Obama’s actions the night of September 11, 2012 and the following day speak volumes as to his character, honor, “leadership,” and lack of respect for the lives of those who do his bidding The revelations since, with the IRS and DOJ, simply confirm what was already known – either complete incompetency or an agenda to destroy America. Although he has competition for “most disliked president” with members of the Armed Forces, Obama beats Clinton, hands down. Even Jimmy Carter made a rescue attempt.

Long before Mr. Obama ran for the Presidency his true colors were on full display for any who cared to look. He is not the caring, Mr. “nice guy” he pretends to be or the left and the media (redundancy) make him out to be. He is the conniving Marxist truth seekers know him to be. His campaign shenannigans in Chicago and subsequent voting record; his associations with known communists and his public support of their efforts; the CPUSA backing of him in 2008 and 2012; his own admission of far left wing ideology in his books; his US Senate record for the short time he was there; the questionable documentation of who he really is, or the lack thereof; producing a proven forged official government document, i.e. his birth certificate; being absolutely void of any experience necessary to be a chief executive; his ties to the Muslim world; his ties to radicals and un-indicted terrorists; on and on it goes. His values are not America’s values. All of this was known by any who cared to know prior to November 2008 and electing him speaks volumes as to the character of our nation; degenerating into a society void of morals, ethics, character and honor. At least for the 51% who turned a blind eye to what really matters in a presidency.

Obama was elected for two reasons only – the color of his skin and a glib tongue. Neither of which are qualifications for The Presidency. And the black community can either be proud of Martin Luther King or Barack Hussein Obama but not both. They are opposites in ideology. Obama is void of leadership skill and his chickens have come home to roost even if Mr. “I didn’t know” tries to avoid responsibility. He asked for that responsibility when he ran for the office and can’t avoid it now unless the American people give him a pass. That would be national suicide when he has 42 months left in office. And have you noticed how quick he is to take credit for all that goes well and how quick to cast blame for all that doesn’t? That’s not leadership.

If there was ever a president whose lies, corruption, circumvention of the Constitution, voter fraud, thugocracy, breach of trust with the people, and deliberate attempts to “transform” us into a socialist state deserved impeachment, Obama’s does. Whether his actions are criminal, incompetency, or all of the above, it doesn’t matter. The House should immediately start impeachment proceedings. Eric Holder, Janet Napalitano, the various IRS administrators and other department heads, should be fired and charged with crimes. And America should learn that character matters. Skin color is totally irrelevant.

Obama is a man who is in charge of everything, yet responsible for nothing. He lies with every breath and has no respect for America or her people. Narcissistic Obama is focused on one thing – Obama! America should be focused on one thing – impeaching Obama.

(Mr. Reams is a family man, Army veteran and a retired small business owner;

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