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Obama the Destroyer

Michael Oberndorf · Jun. 17, 2013

As the first of God knows how many American troops are deployed to the latest of Obama the Destroyer’s wars, and as Obama again is running guns to our enemies – have you already forgotten Fast and Furious? – the continued See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil of the monkeys leading the Republican Party should, given their past performances, come as no surprise to anyone. It has become crystal clear that the opposition to the Syrian government is led by al-Queda. In addition, the far left foreign press – the Guardian, Reuters, and the BBC – believe that it is the opposition, not the Assad government, that has been using sarin gas, yet Obama the Destroyer is claiming the opposite. We have absolutely no national interest in the Syrian civil war, zip, zero, zilch. This appears to be, like Libya, another move by the puppet masters’ who run the Obama administration to keep the Islamist Jihad alive, well, and ongoing.

The strategy here was amazingly accurately described by George Orwell in his novel, 1984. I suggest everyone read, or re-read, the book. Orwell is the closest thing we have to a prophet in this “post-modern” world that the Marxist and neo-fascist left have created for us and our progeny.

Meanwhile, to ensure that the military will fail, Obama the Destroyer has put limp-wristed, leftist toadies in command positions, rather than the patriots we had just a few short years ago. On top of forced “acceptance” of homosexuality in the ranks, and the inevitable and growing problems associated with the “gender integrated” units, troops are now having their 1st Amendment rights taken away – no free exercise of Christian beliefs, and punishment for those caught reading conservative literature or listening to conservative news and talk. Frankly, I am surprised that they still let our troops have guns, since the Department of Homeland Paranoia has declared veterans as dangerous, potential terrorists.

On the home front, the American version of Kali has used the “sequester” as an excuse to attack and punish middle class Americans in a fashion people just a few years ago would not have thought possible. And as Obama has cut off essential services and access to our national heritage, he has intentionally added insult to the injury, spitting in our faces, by having ever more lavish parties with his “celebrity” pals, using taxpayer money to pay for fund raisers, and taking more taxpayer-paid-for, multi-million dollar “vacations.”

As if this were not enough, Congress, including a large number of self-proclaimed “conservative” Republicans, and at the behest of Obama the Destroyer, appears to be about to administer the coup de grace to conservatives, the middle class, and America, as we have known and loved her, by passing the Amnesty on Steroids bill. The illusion that these traitors are acting in the interests of America and her legitimate, lawful citizens, is, by this action, clearly exposed as just that: an illusion.

Also on the home front, the so-called “scandals,” continue to mount. If we actually had a real press, these would be called outrageous, criminal abuses of power. If we actually had an opposition party that represented the majority of people in America, there would be at least half-a-dozen special prosecutors and grand juries, and dozens of the minions of Obama the Destroyer would be in jail, or on their way there. If we actually had a middle class that had not been dumbed-down and socially engineered by 70 years of leftist/progressive/liberal dominated public schools, TV and movies, and press, we would have millions of angry Americans marching in the streets, and perhaps even shutting down the flow of money to the Criminal Class in Washington by participating in nationwide general strikes. Unfortunately, we have none of these.

Sadly, even the more astute and aware of the mainstream conservative voices don’t seem to grasp the implications of all of this. They have what can only be seen as the It Can’t Happen Here mindset that allowed Hitler to turn Germany into the horror that it became in just a few short years. They seem to think that no corporations are run by neo-fascists who put profit over everything, including our Constitution, and the liberty that it was intended to guarantee for us. They seem to think it impossible that Congress could be dominated by hard-line Marxists and neo-fascists, out to destroy capitalism and the freedom necessary for it to thrive. They seem to think that the totalitarianism that is at the heart of both fascism and Marxism couldn’t possibly be the goal of Americans, however misguided. And they couldn’t be more dangerously, fatally wrong.

There is still a handful of folks who see the truth and try to let others know. I hope to God that we never have to say, “I told you so.”

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