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America, Requiem in Pace

Michael Oberndorf · Jul. 15, 2013

For those educated in government indoctrination centers, aka public skools, that is Latin for Rest in Peace. In case you have been living in a cave on the dark side of the moon, or are a moderate or Establishment Republican, you may not have noticed that America, as we used to know her, is dead, and the corpse (yes, Barack, a corpse is a dead body), since it was rotten, even before death, is already starting to stink. In lieu of flowers, please convert all your assets to cash and send to: B. Hussein Obama & Co., 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.

This is probably the last column I am going to write for a long time. For nearly two decades, I, along with many others, have been writing about the threats faced by America, both internal and external. We may as well have been talking to ourselves, for all the good it’s done. It seems only the choir has listened to our preaching. The threats are becoming reality on a daily basis, and hardly anyone gives a flying hoo hah.

The latest criminal acts by Barack Hussein Obama’s racist Attorney General, Eric Holder, epitomize the depth of depravity that our powerful government officials have descended to. It has come out that Holder secretly sent operatives to Florida to stir up racial hatred in the Treyvon Martin incident. Following instructions approved by Holder, and therefore, Obama, they put together mobs, disguised as rallies, and ginned up the racial hatred against whites that has been the hallmark of Holder’s and Obama’s “Justice” Department. It appears that any verdict less than beheading with a dull knife (like Obama’s Syrian “rebel” allies do to Christians and other infidels) will be the excuse for anti-white race riots all over the country.

The list of lies and lawless acts, high crimes and misdemeanors, of Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama and his underlings is longer than an East LA gangbanger’s rap sheet, yet not one has gone to jail, much less been removed from office. The spineless Republican cowards in the House and Senate in Washington have lost all memory of what the Democrats did to not-white Hispanic, Alberto Gonzalez, George Bush’s Attorney General. For merely legally replacing a handful of incompetent U.S. Attorneys, he was hounded unmercifully out of office. Holder has committed crimes that should have him in a maximum security federal prison for the rest of his life, and nothing – zip, zero, , goose egg, nada, ne rien – has been done to hold him responsible.

In five short years, our treasury has been looted to the tune of some seven trillion dollars; the Congress nearly totally corrupted on both sides of the aisle; the Rule of Law and the Constitution trashed; the economy brought to the brink of collapse; the middle class nearly destroyed; the military severely weakened, with the death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan continually rising; at the same time, the country has been illegally involved in two more wars; Russia and China have been turned from potential to real adversaries, and the few allies we have left are justifiably hesitant to get involved in our overseas insanity. And administering the coup de grace, the final knife to the heart of America, Congress is in the process of allowing some 20 million or more criminal invaders, including terrorists, and murdering drug dealers, from all over the Third World, but mostly from Mexico, to become new Democrat voters, eligible for “benefits” paid for by the few of us left who still work and pay taxes.

The funeral will be sparsely attended, since most people will be busy watching meaningless “professional sports” or “reality” shows on TV. Others won’t attend since the clergyman presiding is not of the proper denomination, and might actually mention God in public. Still others will fear that the government that already knows every detail of their self-centered, inconsequential lives will see them there. But it really doesn’t matter. In a few years, the Mainstream Media and the indoctrination centers will have rewritten history, and the existence of a free, constitutional republic called the United States of America will be just another extremist rumor.

Given the clear, deep, irreconcilable differences in the way people in America think and believe, there appears to me only one realistic way to avoid our complete descent into a totalitarian collectivist nightmare. That way is splitting of the country into two – withdrawal of those who believe that the Bill of Rights came from God, not men in government; that individual freedom and liberty are equated with private property; and that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution mean exactly what they say, and are as relevant right now, today, as they were the day they were written. The government in Washington is controlled by those who believe otherwise, and this is not going to change. If you don’t understand that by now, you never will.

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