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Edward J. Brown · Jul. 24, 2013

What America needs today is for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to come back from the grave. Like many others, he was taken from us too soon. Since only God can raise the dead, the wisest thing we could do is to have the teachings of Dr. King raised in his place. His principle of nonviolence would be a good place to start.

The leaders in the Afro-American today are preaching an entirely different message. The Obama who ran for office devoted to bringing the country together has done more to divide the country than any other president. Mr. Obama, I lived in Detroit for 20 years and there were times I was also afraid to walk down a street at night. Backed by men like Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton all we hear from their racist mouths is the dominance of White Racism every where one looks.

Racism is color blind and not limited to the color of one’s skin. Dr. King was right. Every person should be judged by his or her own character. By their fruits you shall know them. The leaders of the black movement today are offering their followers bad fruit while claiming all the good fruit is being hoarded by the white guy.

When the government offers a black person a free cell phone, Jessie Jackson should be wise and urge his follows not to take one. What people need is training and a job so that they can buy their own cell phone. It would raise their self-esteem and show them if they apply themselves they don’t have to live on Obama’s plantation. When one is taught they are a loser and victim of an unjust society, their attitude goes with them wherever they go; including job interviews. We can make our own way if we will live by the timeless principles of honesty and integrity. These principles are urgently needed in all our lives, regardless of the color of our skin. If that day ever comes, Dr. King’s dream will be well on its way to being fulfilled.

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