Grassroots Commentary

The 100 Year War

Anton D. Rehling · Jul. 25, 2013

The success of this 100 year war against the Liberty of the United States of America has been enabled by our belief that freedom could not be lost in this country.

Of all the wars the United States of America has been involved in to preserve our Liberty, the one we are in now represents the greatest threat this nation has ever seen and is a war that has been hidden from those who have not paid attention.

We elect our government and we have protections that limit government power so our Freedom and Rights are secure. We the People believed those in Washington, D.C. and our State Capitols are people just like us who give an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America so help me GOD. What could possibly go wrong?

We the people have left the operation of our government to our trusted elected and our watch dog news organizations to keep us informed and to act as a check on any attempts by our government to exceed their power.

We have been so involved in perusing the American dream and trusting our government that the subversive powers that infiltrated our political and educational system went unnoticed. We were distracted by a war in Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East after all that is where the communist expansion was fought and the Islamic Jihadist threat was. Our fighting men came home knowing we were safe.

Were we ever wrong!

Those that are intent on the destruction of our Constitutional Republic have learned they cannot take us by force so we have been infiltrated by individuals and groups with the agenda to defeat this experiment in individual rights and liberty; to seize the riches of this nation and subjugate the population by subverting our Liberty through the free system we have enjoyed for 237 years.

The enemies of freedom have switched tactics and have assaulted our freedom through the back door infiltrating our education system and our political system by becoming teachers and obtaining elected office. The news media was infiltrated to be developed into an effective propaganda arm in the war on America that we see today.

Our media are collaborators in the destruction of our Constitutional Republic from within assisted by those same oppressive powers that failed through attacks and threats from without.

We felt secure in our elections as they were conducted by honest and ethical people, right?

The ballot box is now only a tool to the despots that have power and results are predetermined through a carefully orchestrated result that produces winners that won by a hair so those who do not embrace the transformation of our nation will be appeased and encouraged to work harder to win the next election that cannot be won, giving the subversives the time that is needed to accomplish their agenda of the defeat of Liberty.

To defeat our Liberty and rights those subversive individual / collaborators who embrace the communist manifesto had to take positions of influence to become teachers and politicians to spread their poison. This war against individual rights and freedom has been going on for generations within our political system, educational system and news media.

The enemies of our way of life had to influence and direct our youth over the course of generations, they had to gain positions of authority to incrementally transform our nation away from the principles of Liberty. Knowledge of our history had to be reduced and eventually eliminated. Our youth had to be conditioned to accept alternative beliefs that would allow the defeat of Liberty.

The principle of winning and losing had to be changed to; everyone is a winner so the elation of victory and the agony of defeat could be erased. The motivation to succeed had to be tempered with everyone deserves equal pay and equal benefits without regard of effort expended or value of hard work to develop personal worth. The system of earning success had to be replace by we have a civil right to succeed if you just show up.

The citizens of the United States of America were blind to the assault and never believed that our Constitutional freedom and limited government could subjugate our nation. Even though the communist party was allowed in our country, few believed that they could accomplish what they have.

Today we are witnessing the final assault on the liberty and moral fabric of what enabled a free people in a free country.

Our government and educational system has been seized and our children have become wards of the State and are only housed by their parents through the benevolence of our government. Government has become one who creates laws to enable the demise of freedom and only enforces the laws that suit their subversive agenda.

We don’t know where to begin to restore our liberty; the transformation of our freedom to slavery is almost complete. If we attempt to organize to oppose the demise of our Liberty and Rights tyrannical government will sweep us up like the garbage we are viewed as.

At this point we have two choices.

It's Right. It's Free.