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'I Have a Dream' Too

Larry Reams · Aug. 29, 2013

I grew up in Atlanta during the civil rights movement and was in college when Dr. King give his famous speech. The line the whole world remembers from that speech is: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Then, when America had the opportunity to elect it first black president, they judged him by the color of his skin rather than the content of his character. Those many character flaws of Mr. Obama are on full display today. Dr. King is looking down in disgust. “Lord, what have we done?”

Well, I have a dream too; many of them in fact. Here are a few:

I have a dream….that Barack Hussein Obama is fully exposed. His sealed records are unsealed and opened to the public. He is put on trial, on national TV, in prime time, questioned by common folk (not lawyers) and asked why he lied and who else is complicit in the fraud. He is asked specifics by non-politically correct people and the truth comes out. The usurper, liar, law breaker, closet Marxist, anti-American fraud is exposed, so admits before the world, and history will so record. The narcissist-in-chief is so humiliated and shamed he will never recover. His children change their names to avoid the disgrace.

…Congressional leaders are held to account for why they would not challenge Mr. Obama’s birth certificate forgery when there is so much evidence to that fact, and why they would not question / investigate his “natural born citizen” status.

…The Courts and judges are held to account for why no challenge to Mr. Obama’s constitutional eligibility had “standing.” Why is it We The People have no say as to whether our president meets the qualifications stipulated in our Constitution?

…Those complicit in this fraud, no matter who (media, judges, financiers, Members of Congress, pollsters, political hacks, whomever) are subsequently also put on public trial and punished according to the existing laws and the will of We The People.

…The mainstream media is exposed before the public as deliberately swaying news in favor of the left, and all those producers, editors, anchors, and executives guilty of such are fired, humiliated, lose retirement assets, lose their career and spend their remaining days living in shame looking for work. Whistle blowers come forward with audio tapes exposing the deliberate, media-wide effort to sway voters and defend Obama rather than to report the news. The networks become “has-beens.”

…We have a modern-day version of the McCarthy hearings exposing all communists and like-minded souls in the Federal Government, Federal Judiciary, MSM, entertainment industry, universities, etc.

…George Soros’ many accounts are hacked by the Chinese. He is left penniless and forced to live the life of a pauper.

…Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have their appearance and voice altered and are deposited in Zimbabwe with no papers and a small amount of local currency. And John Kerry’s voice and appearance are altered, he is deposited in the Mekong Delta with 500 Dong, his Purple Hearts and no papers. All done thanks to the Navy SEALS.

…The Department of Education (as a minimum) is abolished, perhaps the Department of Energy, and agencies like the EPA, NLRB and others are severely curtailed in authority. The states resume their Constitutional authority over education, purge the communists from teacher / administrator ranks, and get back to teaching history, our founding documents, civics, capitalism and the problems that exist when we don’t know these things and don’t follow them.

…Obamacare is repealed. The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is repealed. ALL of Mr. Obama’s Executive Orders are repealed, and all Czars are fired pending legal action for their violations of the law and the US Constitution.

…The General / Flag Officer ranks are purged of spineless politicians and replaced by principled, proven combat leaders. The Armed Forces is restored to levels capable of handling any threat. Our Nation’s veterans are properly cared for.

…Our Capitalistic economic system is allowed to function according to its principles without Congress trying to tweak it, practice cronyism, pick winners and losers, or over-regulate it.

…Public sector unions are abolished and a law passed prohibiting them in the future. Laws are corrected so that private sector union bosses CAN be prosecuted for violent acts perpetrated by their minions.

…The US Constitution is amended* to do four things: (1) Establish Term Limits on all members of Congress. Those currently serving are grandfathered; their replacement is term limited. (2) The 17th Amendment is repealed. (3) A Balanced Budget Amendment is passed. (4) A system of Re-Confirmation is established for all Federal Judges. Contrary to popular thought, they are not “appointed for life” but only for a period of “good behavior.” Their behavior must be reevaluated periodically. Perhaps every seven years they should be reconfirmed, or fired.

…The size of the Federal Government is systematically reduced, as is its overreach, until we become the “limited government” called for in the Constitution.

…Congressional pay and benefits are frozen at current levels for ten years. Any increases after that follow the same formula as the Social Security System and are transparent to the people.

…ALL laws currently on the books passed within the past 20 years or so are reviewed as to their constitutionality. Those that are not, are repealed.

…Abolish the Federal Reserve. Consider the same for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

…A law is passed that requires all political parties to vet, prove the constitutional eligibility of, and to present their findings before the Supreme Court and We The People before an individual can be confirmed by their respective party as a candidate for President or Vice President.

…Government spending is reduced to whatever level necessary, over the next decade, to prevent the potential bankruptcy and default of the US Government. After that point, and adhering to the provisions of the new Balanced Budget Amendment, in any given year government spending cannot increase more than 2% of GDP plus inflation unless we are under Declared War by the US Congress.

…Revamp the tax code. Make it simpler, reduce the size of the IRS, and insure that everybody has skin in the game. Those who pay no taxes at all should be reduced to 10% of society or less.

…Secure our southern border – period. Even if members of congress have to take shifts on the border with a machine gun. Heavily penalize any business that hires an illegal; so heavily that the penalty would be prohibitive (bankruptcy of the business) for doing so. THEN, reform our immigration policy and decide what to do with the illegals currently here.

…ALL future laws proposed / passed by either house of Congress must include Article, Section, paragraph in the US Constitution that makes it constitutional.

…State’s Voter ID Laws would be encouraged by the Federal Government as a means of insuring voter and election integrity.

…The Race Hustlers, yea, Jackson, Sharpton and crew, are exposed by, and fired by, the black community itself. Non racist black leaders, true leaders, are installed and the conditions and prospects for the black community show dramatic improvement. The NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus fall out of favor and their membership dwindles significantly.

…Speaking of race hustlers, Attorney General Eric Holder is exposed by a whistleblower at DOJ. His complicity in Fast and Furious and his obstruction of justice in the New Black Panther cases is revealed. He is arrested, stands trial and becomes a member of the “chain gang.”

…Restore integrity to the political class. Term limits will help. In addition, the House and Senate Ethics Committees must be chaired with people of ethics. The “good ole’ boy” approach to ethics ceases. Those found in violation of the ethical code are removed from Congress, their pension eliminated, and they are prohibited from running for, or being appointed to, any federal government office in the future.

…Social Security and Medicare are reformed with logical, common sense changes to insure their longevity, but, citizens are strongly encouraged to also seek private programs, and incentives are put in place so that private programs are available and competitive.

…The Oath of Office for all elected officials must be enforced. Violators are called before a hearing of their peers and judged as to whether the violator is to keep his / her seat or vacate it. Character, integrity and honor do matter and are to be rigidly enforced. They are the Rule, not the exception.

…Use of “political correctness” and the practice of twisting words, changing the meaning of words, deception, deceit, etc. becomes a badge of dishonor to those in politics who use it. An unofficial Code of Conduct prevails in Congress whereby fact and truth become commonplace.

…The First Amendment is reaffirmed as to its importance. The assault on God and Christianity shall cease. Free speech is reaffirmed. …Ditto for the Second Amendment. A case is brought before the US Supreme Court and the 2nd is upheld forever more for private citizens.

…Consider adopting a Citizen’s Voter Oath at the time each citizen becomes of age to register to vote, similar to the Oath taken when new immigrants become citizens. They must know their obligation to their country to be informed and to participate in democracy to protect our Constitutional Republic.

…The United Nations is not a friend of America. Consideration should be given to withdrawing from it, severely cutting our financial support, or both. Ditto for all foreign aid.

…Lastly, right wing extremists receive justice. All those patriots who the various government agencies (DOJ and DHS) call “right wing extremists,” are exonerated. Veterans, Christians, those who are against abortion, those who defend the second amendment, those who distrust the federal government, those who believe in following the Constitution, those who demand accountability, those who honor their oath of office, those who respect Old Glory, tea party members, etc., etc., you know, all those who built America, receive their day in court. All their accusers are instead exposed as communist sympathizers out to destroy America from within by deliberately undermining our traditions, institutions, and core values. The left is thus acknowledged as being dishonorable. Let history so record.

God Bless America.

(Mr. Reams is a Christian, a family man, a veteran and a retired small business owner. and

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