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Grassroots Commentary

The Times They Are Transforming

Anton D. Rehling · Nov. 13, 2013

Sung to the tune of The times they are a changing, Bob Dylan

Come gather round people where ever you call home
Admit that the govmit around you has grown
Admit that soon you be taxed to the bone
If freedom to you
Is worth protecting
You’d better start fighting
Or you will give up your rights
For the times they are transforming

Come Republicans, Democrats please heed the call
And don’t believe government can do it all
For your Sons and your Daughters
Will surly fall
Into the slavery
Their making
Please get out you people
And demand a halt to it all
Stop the things they are Transforming

Come Senators, Congress
Please hear our call
And stop the regulation
That will cause the country to fall
We are a free people
Who will not learn how to crawl
There is a battle at home
That is brewing
We will fight for rights
And we do give a damm
Stop the things you are Transforming

Come Obama, Pelosi and Reid
Don’t try to sell us your health care creed
Don’t try to control us
An make us you slaves
November is coming
And you’ll be moaning
Stop the things you are Transforming

The limits were set
For you all to accept
You’ve broken your oath
And we will not forget
And the office you’ve held
Is one you’ll regret
Stop the things you are Transforming

There is a price you will pay
For they lies you have said
Our government is not immune
To the laws that we dread
The ones you have passed
And crammed down our throat
Stop the things you are Transforming

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