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We Need More Power

George Rogers Clark · Nov. 22, 2013

Captain Kirk: “Scotty, I need more power!”
Chief Engineer Scott: “I’m giving you all she’s got, Captain!”

That famous exchange between characters on Star Trek should have spelled doom. If we are getting all there is and we still need more, it is over. Is that right? Somehow, the Enterprise and its crew always came through. Someone always found a solution.

The one who can save the day in an impossible situation receives the hero status.

Right now, it appears America could use a hero. We need someone who can find more power. The pedal is to the metal. What shall we do? Who will lead us out of the danger?

It should now be clear to all except those in denial: Barack Obama will not be that hero.

Obama has led us further into danger at every turn. There was a rumor that Obama is a well-trained instrument for the Cloward-Piven strategy. A “fundamental transformation” agenda, combined with a Cloward-Piven strategy, would explain everything.

Our hero will not be the small majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives. Apparently, they need more power. They have failed to apply the appropriate checks and balances to the executive branch. It is their responsibility. So far, they have failed.

We must also consider the potential boom in our energy industry. Energy is power, right? Could an economic recovery be our “hero”? New technology is helping the U.S natural gas and oil resources return to dominance. A boom in our home-based energy could produce and upward spiral in our national economy. That would likely include an enormously valuable change in the trade balance.

Unfortunately, new pools of wealth do not guarantee better government. New wealth may not prevent the continuing increase in the size of government. It is doubtful it would measurably reduce the nation’s debt. It surely would not restore our liberty.

Though money is not the root of evil, the want of money is. And if there is plenty around there will be plenty of evil plots, plenty of corruption in government as favors are bought and sold. No, more wealth does not promise to be our solution.

The Tea Party movement, by itself, lacks the power. The ideas it champions, in my view, are without fault. The Tea Party has no one leader. It is a grassroots movement. It is a loose network of people with some shared core beliefs and ideas about how to restore liberty to America. They have a voice. They have an infectious appeal to many of us. However, they lack real power to affect the needed changes.

Joseph Farah, in his book, “The Tea Party Manifesto,” points to the signs people carried at a massive Tea Party Rally as examples of Tea Party thinking:

1) “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.”

2) “It’s not about healthcare, it’s about control!”

3) “Bring back the Constitution.”

4) “One Nation, Under God.”

5) “Wake up America – II Chronicles 7:14”

6) “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Amen and Amen, but without the power to change, these words and ideas are no more powerful than yours or mine.

Who will be our hero? Who has the power to restore liberty?

If we elect enough politicians of one party, or one ideology, will they restore liberty? While the American people remain so equally divided, polarized by opposing views, such an outcome seems impossible. The pedal is to the metal, but the engine is pulling in two directions at once. It is a new kind of stalemate. Instead of a tie, everyone loses. Besides, if enough power is concentrated in one party, what happens? Thank you, Lord Acton. The answer is corruption.

If there is no hero coming to our rescue, what shall we do? Perhaps we must all become heroes. Is it possible?

The indomitable human spirit is beginning to look quite spent. Still, there is hope.

Everyone knows there are two essential forces: good and evil. The opposing sides are both very powerful. All but a few dedicated Satanists believe the power of good is superior to the power of evil.

There it is at its lowest level of abstraction. It is not complicated. To choose God to imbue our lives with good perpetuates a hope that we may escape the dangers. They are dangers so extreme that they seem ready to devour our once great nation. Our children and grandchildren would be left in a hopeless and desperate state.

Hope is better than surrender to the enemies of God.

America needs a spiritual revival of massive proportions. It needs to sweep the nation with the speed of lightning across a stormy night sky.

Out of love, Creator God also endowed us with free will. We can choose to embrace Him, the good, or choose the tyrannical rule of evil. The God that endowed us with liberty can restore liberty.

Every person of normal conscience knows these things are true. Let us make a new beginning.

Let us all humble ourselves each day and pray, “Lord send a revival, and let it begin in me.”

Yes, we should still remove enemies of the state from office. Certainly, we want to try to elect right-minded politicians. Yes, we want to embrace the Tea Party ideals. We should try to do all these things.

However, until we access the essential force of the greatest power, we are losing ground. We need power: real, limitless, miracle power.

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” –Psalm 14

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