Grassroots Commentary

When Do We Call Enough, Enough?

Anton D. Rehling · Dec. 2, 2013

Doesn’t the launch of Obamacare ACA look like an invasion to defeat our Constitutional Republic? I know it has been under assault for years with raids on our Liberty and Rights by those enemies within, but this whole ACA launch, as it progresses, is looking more and more like D-Day to defeat the freedom loving American people.

What would you do if landing craft hit our shores with an invading Army? Hide in a hole or get out and risk all for your nations present and posterity?

Is life so dear as to slowly accept the weight of the links of servitude that are being placed around our necks? Do we graciously lick the boots of tyrannical rule for the crumbs and illusion of comfort and safety? When do we call enough, enough!!??

The struggle for our birth rights, bought and paid for by the blood of our fore fathers, must not be surrendered because of pain and sacrifice for the cause we face. Any that pick up the banner of freedom must do so with the knowledge and acceptance that the price that may be required may be their mortal lives. That is a small price to pay considering death is in all our futures, the only question is will we die as slaves or as a free people fighting for the quest of all mankind, Individual Liberty.

We will win, but at a cost. How many times has it been said that Freedom is not free. “The tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of Tyrants and Patriots alike.” Someone must pay the price, if it is to be me I will bear that price with honor and gratitude for participating in the restoration of our Liberty whether I am known or not by our present or our future.

Let’s face it, those who step forward to pay the price of Liberty will be demonized as the Patriots of our founding were and many died a criminal’s death and those who lived were rewarded with poverty.

I say the reward is not wealth or poverty, the reward is the freedom from tyranny and tyrants for our present and posterity.

Our elected need to wake up and smell the coffee and honor their oath of office, to defend our individual freedom and rights or they will face the wrath of those who chose them to champion our birth right.

I have one wish; I hope that I am not caught flat footed by the tyrants that seek to subjugate us by eliminating who they perceive to be enemies of their State of tyrannical rule.

It's Right. It's Free.