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'Mandatory Compliance': The New 'Free Market Principles'

Mike Bunch · Dec. 10, 2013

Melissa Harris-Perry at MSNBC (yeah, the one with the tampon earrings) said: “Let’s face it, ‘Obamacare’ was a word coined by wealthy white men to diminish Obama’s accomplishments”. Actually no one seems to know exactly who first used the term. Some say it was Obama’s idea, back when he actually thought it was going to work. (See here).

Picking nits over who invented the term is about the best MSNBC can come up with now that Obamacare has been exposed for the train wreck it is. Now Mr. Obama wishes it was named after somebody else.

In an MSNBC interview recently, Ezekiel Emanuel told Rep Tom Cole that Obamacare was based on “free market principles”. I’m not making it up…if you want to see the video, you can see it on Breitbart here.

If a private firm made such a botch as this, they would be quickly ushered out of the market, and their share of the market would be taken by someone else who knew what they were doing. That built-in ability to self correct is one of the reasons capitalism works. Free market principles promote competence and efficiency. This is not something to be found in any government run program, financed by other people’s money, where decisions are made on ideological grounds, and no one is held accountable.

Obamacare, beginning with the original concept and its true motives, managed by the players in Mr. Obama’s administration, could not have unfolded any differently than it has. We are seeing the birth of a true monster, conceived by the same Keystone Kops government that brought us the Post Office, the IRS, the EPA and the Dept of Education, all bastions of efficiency and integrity. And all done in the absence of any detectable leadership.

The idea of having the individual freedom to decide whether you will or will not enter a contract to purchase a product or service is a cornerstone of a free society. However, that principle is not something that concerns Mr. Obama and his minions. Obamacare, by design, opens the door to a level of state control which forces you to enter a contract with a third party whether you want the product or not, based solely on what best serves the state. This has never been seen before in America, and if we allow it to succeed, it is a precedent that will soon overwhelm the entirety of our economic freedom.

Everything the socialist left does is done incrementally. We’ve all heard the boiling frog metaphor. Frogs have an excuse for being stupid enough to let that happen. Their brains are about the size of a BB. What’s our excuse?

Health care has never been the point. It serves the left as an incremental step towards the goal of complete control of the entire American enterprise. Need to buy a new car? The State will decide whether you need one, and will control the price. Decision about where to live? The State will decide what type of housing is appropriate, and where. Want to get an education? By fiat, Obama’s forces will decide what you need to study, based on what best serves the needs of the State. This is how things have historically been done in every authoritarian state in history, and Obamacare is the first step down that road.

When the needs of the State supersede Liberty and the personal Freedom to control your own life, the America we grew up in is gone. This is what Mr. Obama wants, and it is what he meant when he said he would “fundamentally transform America”.

For decades in China, you could get thrown in prison for having a second child, especially a girl, because controlling the size of the population was essential to the management of a collective State.

Note to Dems: If you want to keep your job after the 2014 midterms, put as much distance as you can between yourself and Obama’s authoritarian “health care” disaster. But regardless of what you do now, be prepared to explain why you voted for it in the first place.

When Obama got elected, he opened the gates of Hell, and released an army of Ezekiel Emanuels. They all seem to have a fascinating take on things like the Constitution, Freedom, free market principles, and personal self determination.

These concepts are antithetical to their goal of state control, so they would have us believe that they are outmoded, oppressive, and racist, but simultaneously Mr. Emanuel refers to them as the basis for Obamacare….I guess Mr. Emanuel doesn’t think anybody will notice the contradiction.

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