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How Much More Anti-Americanist Can Harry Reid Exhibit?

Jerry McConnell · Apr. 21, 2014

Less than a month ago the Canada Free Press published a column I authored that hammered Harry Reid, U. S. Senator, D-NV for accusing the conservative Koch Brothers of Koch Industries, Inc. of telling lies about Obamacare and its nightmareish obfuscation of medical missteps, huge increases and mismanagement. Anyone with a modicum of sense knows that you don’t have to lie about that train-wreck, the truths quite adequately tell all about the horrors of that incantation for imbeciles. As Madam Pelosi said, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” Speaking of imbeciles…

Reid and the other mentally challenged socialist-communist liberal Democrats – for all intents and purposes, ALL OF THEM – think that any untoward speaking on the merits, or lack of same, of this monstrously misassembled piece of absolute dung, is a presentation of lies. I assure you, even though I have never met either one of the two genius brothers who have created a billion dollar industrial giant that provides many thousands of jobs in both Canada and the United States as well as in other foreign countries, I would never even hint that they were lying about the Obamacare disaster.

During the compilation of the column noted above, I remarked that Reid was not the biggest liar in America; no, that dishonorable spot is reserved for the Usurper-in-Chief. Reid only comes in a very close second. But his credentials and qualifications for immediate, if not sooner, trial for Impeachment, should begin at least at the first blink of a Koch Brother’s eye.

The Majority Leader of the U. S. Senate has been found once again flouting his uncommonly bad behavior in an ugly-smelling scandal involving his family and a very shady deal with Communist China in a land-grab-steal of American properties in his home state of Nevada right here in America. Talk about double-dealing bamboozlers and nepotists – Harry rates first class colors for that less than honorable slur.

He would give many other liberal Dems a good run for the sleaziest political scandal-monger in American political history. He is one of the most effective poster-boys for the adoption of TERM LIMITS. He is everything you would not want your representative or senator to be. In the most recent case involving “Dirty Harry,” he is bubbling over in nepotism in addition to the possibility of treasonous activities with a foreign potential capital enemy of the United States.

According to a Newsletter from of April 15, 2014, Reid and his son Rory are dealing with Communist China to provide land in Nevada for that anti-American country to build a multi-billion dollar solar energy plant for unspecified reasons at this time, but it has to make every thinking American sit up and take notice. Why and for what purpose does the giant country of China want to buy land in the vicinity of $5+ billion dollars in OUR country to generate solar power? Doesn’t it intrigue you just a tad? A BIG TAD? Is Dirty Harry finally showing his true and absolute un-American colors by securing a huge chunk of America for sale to a country that seldom if ever supports us in the United Nations?

Then to make the cheese a bit more binding, Dirty Harry got an old pal and former employee of his, Neil Kornze, who is now the head of the Bureau of Land Management to declare “X” number of acres of federally-owned land (BTW that is land which belongs to ALL of the American people, like you and me) on which an American family (Cliven Bundy) has legally been using for grazing cattle, to clear all the Bundy family cattle off of the land so Reid could play financial “footsies” with the Chinese and enrich his son at the same time.

Word soon got out on what was happening and hundreds of local ranch workers called “cowboys” and other unarmed patriot men and women came from near and far to stand with the Bundy family to protest Dirty Harry’s uncalled for move to drive the cattle from being herded away and into federal custody. The BLM forces were given the order to shoot if they were interfered with by the Bundy supporters.

Imagine this if you can – an American government official gave the order to shoot to kill any American citizen who tried to impede the BLM takeover of the lands on which the Bundy cattle were grazing, thanks to Dirty Harry, one of the rottenest United States elected officials ever who would sanction the killing of an American citizen to give our land to the Communist country of China for a large profit for his son. The old Wild West was NEVER that crude and hateful.

The Newsletter of the Tea Party Army said the federal officers from the Obama regime, who will not aim their guns at illegal aliens from the Mexican drug cartels, pointed sniper rifles and automatic weapons at these unarmed men and women and threatened to shoot them. This is the kind of dictatorial government you now have my fellow Americans.

Attention: Socialist-Communist liberal Democrats, are you proud of the people YOU elected to serve America? You should hang your heads in shame.

Fortunately, someone in the BLM, maybe even Dirty Harry’s old “pal,” realized the gravity of the potential of Americans killing Americans and pulled the federal forces off the land. It was a day when I was very much ashamed at the point to which our government has decayed. Impeachment is too good for Dirty Harry; treason and a firing squad is in order. Let him feel how those innocent protesters did that day as they faced the fed’s guns.

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