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Poison in the Immigration Well

Murray T. Bass · Aug. 6, 2014

We have all heard talk about immigration reform. Probably even speculated about what needs to be done ourselves.

We have been led astray.

Except for a little “Tweeking,” there is nothing wrong with America’s immigration laws. We just aren’t enforcing the laws we have. The consequences have been horrendous. The intentional refusal of our federal government to enforce the law has corrupted our culture. Churches and philanthropy openly violate the law. Every level of government has been corrupted and is violating the law. The federal government is the worst offender because they are responsible for enforcement. They are openly encouraging others to ignore the law and even paying them to do it. They have corrupted – poisoned – our nation at every level.

“What’s the big deal”? you say. “They are just doing the jobs American’s don’t want to do.” There has never been a bigger lie. They are stealing the jobs and the wages that American’s would love to have. Stealing.

Usually “the jobs Americans don’t want” is referring to work once performed by migrant farm workers. Today farmers can’t find workers to do those jobs. The “migrants” are working in better paying jobs in the cities.

Here are a few examples. I asked a local roofing contractor – a small business – how he was doing. He told me that it was hard to get by. He would bid on a job, then drive by on the weekend and see a half dozen illegals on the roof, doing the job for several thousand dollars less than his bare bones bid. The government is giving the illegals food and medical benefits and housing assistance so they work for a lot less money. Some don’t even bother to work at all. He told me that one of his competitors told him he has only one employee. But if you look at that one employee working you will see him with five or six illegals on the roof doing a job dirt cheap. Hard to survive. Would the roofing contractor’s employees like to have the work? Of course.

Then there is the lady that told me of her son applying for a job he was experienced doing. He didn’t get the job because he couldn’t speak Spanish. All of the other employees in the shop spoke only Spanish. He wanted that job.

Our immigration practices have made cheats and criminals out of people who might otherwise be honest. Poisoned. There is no question that the feds are avoiding enforcement intentionally. We speculate why. We are guessing that they are the future voters if some earthshaking immigration reform takes place.

There can be no reform until current law is enforced.

Another example of the pervasive nature of immigration corruption. Currently there is ongoing controversy about unaccompanied children crossing our borders. I recently received a listing of where these young people had been placed and where others were to be p laced. To my surprise and disgust, I discovered that in my city, these unaccompanied children had been housed fed and educated since 2009. Five years. And no one has said anything about it until now. Worse, the county has carried out inspections, the County Office of Education has provided teachers. The children were housed in a Baptist Children and Family Services (B.C.F.S.) facility. Paid for by the Federal Government. Since 2009. Every level of government has embraced the idea that in this circumstance you don’t have to obey the law. Corrupted. What other laws will it be OK to ignore tomorrow?

If there is a B.C.F.S. facility where you live, chances are they are keeping unaccompanied children. That’s what they do.

That’s the way it is. It’s not O.K. What can we do about it?

We can’t expect the federal government to do anything that would solve the problem. They are the instigators.

There are some non-federal possibilities.

If the states and local governments say you have to be legal to work here and enforce that policy, the illegals will go home. They did once before when we called them “Wetbacks.”

We can make individuals accountable. At all levels. If failure to enforce results in a financial loss of any kind, sue the individual heading the agency personally to recover losses plus expenses. Suing the government at any level doesn’t work because you are suing yourself and there is no pain for the offender. Take every cent that Eric Holder will ever have. Or the County Administrator or the city mayor. Make them pay for letting someone steal your job and your wages. Sue to recover tax money spent to support illegals. Sue employers who have employed illegals. Make it hurt.

It’s our problem. We are the ones being hurt. It’s up to us to solve it.

Bring state criminal charges against Holder and others for being accessories before and after the fact in the felonies committed by the illegals they refused to arrest and deport. Make them accountable.

Then there is Mexico. Our southern neighbor has very strict immigration law which they do not enforce for illegals coming to America. These are people who should never get into Mexico. They are doing it with the tacit permission of the Mexican government. Insist that Mexico enforce its borders if they do not prohibit Mexican nationals from entering the United states. Prohibit Mexican trucks from using American highways. Reduce the purchase of Mexican oil by increasing our own production and buying greater quantities from Canada.

As consumers, refuse to buy Mexican products.

There are many more possibilities, but you get the idea. We don’t have to just sit here and take it.

I have been told that we don’t have the money to close our border down. That’s bull. We are paying enough in “benefits” for illegals to build a fence fifty feet high from the Gulf to the Pacific.

Let’s get those lawsuits and criminal charges rolling.

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