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The Real Crisis

Michael Oberndorf · Aug. 11, 2014

The world appears to be falling down faster than London Bridge, and Barack Hussein Obama’s dainty little fingerprints are all over a lot of it. It’s likely, too, that B. Hussein is going to take a fall that will rival Humpty Dumpty’s. It seems in creating “good crises” to take advantage of, both at home and abroad, he and his puppet masters have gone too far and are being overwhelmed by their own poorly thought out and incompetently executed handiwork.

At home mostly, but not always, a common theme in what has become the New Crisis of the Day is that most involve Barack Hussein Obama or his appointees blatantly, and with malice aforethought, violating the Law of the Land – the Constitution of the United States of America. Multiple violations have been noted by members of Congress from both parties, members of the media, including on rare occasions even the “mainstream” media, and members of the public, though most of them have a tough time getting heard and are usually marginalized and ignored. And this brings us to what is the REAL crisis.

Clearly, the current administration is out of control, violating laws left and right and in ways that have directly caused the deaths of two Border Patrol agents, an ICE agent, and hundreds, if not thousands of Mexican nationals, both in Mexico and here. They are responsible, too, for dozens, if not hundreds of Americans killed by drunken, drugged illegal invader drivers. The blood of many others, murdered, raped, and/or robbed by drug cartel or gang members, is on their hands, too. And to add injury to insult, thousands of illegals carrying infectious, sometimes deadly diseases, are knowingly being sent all over our country.

So, what has been the reaction to all the outrages committed by Obama and his co-conspirators over the past six years? A lot of cheap talk, and a lawsuit. Period.

In spite of the fact that there is now general agreement that the “President” has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, the misleaders of the “loyal opposition” have “taken impeachment off the table”. What they want us to believe is they are merely dithering and caving, when actually it appears to be collusion. We have seen this, beginning in the Bush years with the push by Congress for raising the debt ceiling and the attempts to impose amnesty for illegal invaders, regardless of massive opposition by We, the People, to both. It continued with Obamacare, imposed on us even though as with amnesty, the vast majority of the public adamantly opposed it. The fact that it was/is manifestly unconstitutional notwithstanding, the majority Democrats rammed it through, using procedures that were totally unethical, if not downright illegal. Though many Republicans were elected/re-elected on the promise to repeal Obamacare, there is virtually no one left lifting a finger to do so.

So, what remains is a nearly totally powerless, essentially disenfranchised electorate, the majority of whom are conservative to one degree or another, at the end of freedom’s rope, left twisting in the wind.

The republican system of government designed by the Founders for electing representatives of We, the People, has been co-opted by big money interests – fascists – who hide behind a twisted interpretation of the First Amendment. The reality of getting into a federal political office today is that only those with access to multimillion dollar funding sources are able to do so. When someone without the big bucks behind them gets elected, it’s man-bites-dog news. Congress has been bought, up and down the line, and to protect its power and privilege is willing to ignore the Constitution and sell our freedom and God-given rights to the highest bidder. If you have any doubts, just look at what actions they have taken to stop the invasion of the country over our southern border.

Violent criminals and armed paramilitary and even formal military units are replacing the welfare-seekers streaming over the wide-open border, much as the welfare-seekers replaced the work-seekers. We are being invaded, as a direct result of Obama’s breaking of our laws and Congress’ failure to hold him responsible. The Constitution has become a meaningless piece of paper. And the real crisis is that We, the People, are left without recourse.

The notion that electing a dozen or so patriotic conservatives will solve the problem is, sadly, naïve. They are plainly a minority, and as with the Obamacare repealers, it only takes a few months to corrupt far too many of them, once they get to Washington, with its culture of Big Everything. Money talks, but not to We, the People.

Thus, the real crisis is how do we get the government to obey the law, and how do we get the criminals in Washington out of power and into jail. It’s the fundamental question that all Americans must answer if we want to live in a nation with government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Otherwise, we will indeed see it perish from the Earth.

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