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Is It Time for All Patriots, Conservatives, Christians, et al, to leave the Republican Party?

Duane V. Grassell · Aug. 25, 2014

I am writing this essay to stimulate a discussion. I am not going to advocate one position or another, but I want people to take a good look at the present situation, the alternative I bring up and have people discuss and make a united decision at the right time.

First, there is one thing I want to make clear. In the upcoming election, we should work to get every Republican we can in Congress, governorships, state legislatures and every local office we can. In 2016, we should work to get the most Constitutionally correct candidate for the presidency in the GOP and make sure we do not get another term of a far left Democrat who will govern in a way that would make Karl Marx smile. But then, real Americans who still have regard for our nation and our Constitutional form of government need to make a decision. We cannot allow for the status quo of the present opposition to the socialism of the current Democrat party to continue in its present form.

In my first article, Path to Dictatorship, I wrote about the weak opposition to our current president who has only gotten worse and become a danger to our nation in the last 14 months since I posted it. There are grounds to impeach the president, vice-president, attorney general and secretary of state and the GOP will not even try to sell the concept to the public, thus emboldening the political left to become even more lawless.

The second sin of the GOP is their attitude and actions against the tea party and conservative candidates. When the establishment of the party needs to buy Democrat votes to get their candidate through a primary against a more conservative candidate, as we saw in Mississippi, we need to ask how long we will tolerate this level of disrespect.

We are left with two choices. All conservatives, true Bible believing Christians, pro-lifers, Constitutionalists, laissez faire business leaders and any patriot who took the oath to serve and protect the Constitution and meant it, must either take over the leadership of the GOP or abandon it to the ash heap of history as a once great party that lost its way.

The one problem with abandoning a majority party is party building. Many other articles I have read have mentioned creating a new party while others have mentioned joining the Libertarians. I would like to point out a third alternative. The Constitution Party is an existing party that has all the necessary paper work on file with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). They also have a platform that all of us can agree with. Each plank of their platform is supported by the appropriate article of the Constitution. I am a teacher, so I am going to assign everyone some homework. Please go to their web site, and read their platform before commenting pro or con.

I worked with the Constitution Party during the Bush years after Medicare expansion, No Child Left Behind and nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan rather than really taking the fight to a dangerous enemy that wants to kill as many of us as they could get away with. I also realized that one person moving to a party perceived to be better was not going to make a difference. It would take millions of people to leave the Republican Party and put their votes and money with another party they agree with to either reverse the Marxist agenda that has been forced upon us going back to the days of FDR or get the Republican elites to stop taking us for granted.

This is my proposition: We put the GOP on probation for the next two plus years. We start a petition drive to circulate nationwide to get all patriots to put the GOP on notice that, they will become a party that protects our essential freedoms and become a true opposition party to the Democrats who shred our Constitution daily, or all signatories will leave the party for the Constitution party by a targeted date. It will take a leap of faith by all, but it would be a necessary commitment needed by all to bring about the change needed to return our nation to the Constitutional republic it was meant to be. There will also be risks, when we follow through, of letting the Democrats be sole rulers for some time. But without a true opposition, the political left is governing that way now.

I want to conclude this article with two final questions: How many believe the GOP will change to a firm opponent to the Democrat party on its own? How many believe that true patriots can assume the leadership of the GOP and change its course?

The dialogue is now open.

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