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The Great Pretender

Larry Reams · Sep. 1, 2014

The past two weeks have got to be both the most embarrassing for America and the most revealing period in many decades regarding US leadership. Our President has proven himself to be the most inept, most self-serving, and most egomaniacal of any President in my lifetime which goes back to FDR. However, who, among clear-thinking, rational people did not see it coming. When you elect such a completely unqualified person for such a highly responsible job as The Presidency, you have to know the day will come that proves his ineptness. If that day had not already come, it came Thursday, Aug. 28 with his “strategy” press conference. I have previously expressed some of my opinions of Mr. Obama’s leadership here – “Barack Obama’s True Colors.”

Watching Obama’s “ISIS strategy” press conference, where he openly admits to God, ISIS, and the whole world that he doesn’t have a strategy, my heart sunk. This is America, not Kenya. And we don’t need Barney Fife, we need leadership. Then to see David Cameron the following day give his press conference, it just drove the point home that America is suffering a leadership void like no other time in our history. Cameron showed decisiveness, leadership, and was in stark contrast to Obama who showed weakness, ineptness. Cameron takes his job seriously regarding the national security of Great Britain. Obama is simply looking at his watch to see how long he has until tee-time, or, departure for the zillionth fund raising trip. Cameron IS THE Prime Minister. Obama is THE Great Pretender. Obama clearly gave up his title of “leader of the free world” on August 28, 2014. Our enemies are laughing. Our allies are crying. We are in peril.

The last time we had such an inept president, Jimmy Carter, it was followed by a “wave election.” Reagan rolled over Carter like a steam roller over an ant. But back then American voters were far more informed, the term “politically correct” had not made such a dent in our common sense, and there was not as stark a difference between Democrats and Republicans. The former has now been taken over by the communist party under the name of progressivism. Today our culture is far different, to our regret. Leadership is gone as are the traits that make one loyal to country. Now it’s all about “me,” how can I stay in office, who has the money and controls the votes, how can I divide and conquer?

Elections have consequences and citizens have responsibilities. Take those responsibilities too lightly, vote for people based on factors irrelevant to the issues, or whose character, associations, and past positions scream NO, and we wind up with the likes of Obama. “If a nation expects to be ignorant, and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” (Thomas Jefferson, 1816) In both 2008 and 2012, America proved Jefferson correct. As a nation we voted for skin color rather than qualifications and values. That was ignorance on display and daily we lose more of our freedoms. The EPA, IRS, Dept. of Homeland Security, DOJ and others have chipped away at our freedoms since Obama took office. Government steadily grows more in control as We The People steadily shrink in liberty.

I guess the big question is has America learned anything? With mid-term elections two months away, will 60+ million voters again pull the lever for a communist agenda, weak leadership, partisanship, rampant spending, more social programs, more welfare and more BS from Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all the other CPUSA members? Or will they have finally seen the light, now taking their responsibilities seriously, and vote for country and constitution? Has the black community awakened from its state of being mesmerized by Obama? Will the estimated 92 million registered voters who sat on the sidelines in 2012 take responsibility and vote? Questions, questions!

One would think, with all that threatens us today, America would be a bit more focused and informed, and vote for country and constitution rather than BS rhetoric. If not, our glory days may well be behind us and our liberty soon gone.

Pray for America.

(Mr. Reams is a Christian, family man, senior citizen, a Vietnam veteran, and retired small business owner.) (www.AllianceOfConstitutionalPatriots;

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