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Larry Reams · Jan. 26, 2015

It seems to me that the most patriotic of Americans are the older generation, age 60+. People who are from the old school, reared to be God-fearing responsible citizens and patriots by parents and teachers and were taught history and civics in school. We now have two generations that were not reared that way and are clueless as to their responsibility to be informed and involved in our state of affairs. What happens when all us old geezers pass on and leave our country in their hands? Does our Constitutional Republic survive? How do you re-educate 150 million people to wake up, get informed, be responsible and save America? Does this lack of knowledge and involvement account for so many Americans voting against their own best interests on election day?

Our Founders never intended for a professional political class to develop and usurp the power they have today. Through lack of attention on the part of the citizenry, and the power-seeking narcissistic nature on the part of others, we have allowed this to occur. There is one mentality inside the beltway, i.e. “we are superior to our constituents,” and another outside, i.e. “who the hell do they think they are?” How do We The People recapture control of our government and country, hold the elitist accountable, and right the ship? Have we already let it go too far to reverse? If we’re dissatisfied with Congress, who has an approval rating hovering around 12-15%, why do we re-elect 90+% of them year after year? By doing so are we not showing them that we want an elitist ruling class? Why do we not force more accountability? Term limits?

Our Constitution provides for the removal from office of any elected official who doesn’t measure up to their Oath of Office, even Presidents and members of the Supreme Court, yet we are reluctant to use it. The elected class, regardless of political party, has become a brotherhood. They argue and disagree with each other yet in the end they protect one another. It’s a “good old boys club.” When someone like Obama commits the number of lawless acts he has committed, or caused to be committed on his behalf and we do nothing, are we not setting a precedent? Will future failures and similar actions be glossed over because we didn’t impeach Obama? Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen as required by the Constitution. He knows it, the DNC knew it, the Supreme Court knows it and most informed citizens know it but because he is black, all the above turned a blind eye. The Supreme Court says litigants have no “standing” to challenge the issue. The “brotherhood” at work. Therefore, many 2016 potential presidential candidates are also not natural born citizens but a precedent has been set and they won’t be challenged. Change the Constitution by ignoring it. The Rule of Men trumps the Rule of Law yet again. (Cruz, Jindal, Rubio are NOT natural born citizens.)

The mainstream media has long since abandoned its constitutional obligation to inform the public and hold elected officials accountable in favor of swaying the citizenry to a preferred agenda. They are more of a propaganda arm of the government than a responsible “free press.” Had this not occurred, or were it to revert back to its true obligation, would we be in the mess we’re in now? Who is the real enemy of our republic? Foreign entities or domestic entities?

Many of our citizens today have no clue as to the difference between capitalism and communism. The Left, realizing our tendency to accept what we see / hear on TV, has been very successful in propagandizing our citizens towards their agenda. If one does the necessary research he / she will see that the so call “progressive” agenda is simply a communist agenda with the phraseology changed to protect the guilty. What was strictly taboo 50 years ago to informed people has become acceptable today to uninformed people. Compare the goals of the communist party of 50 years ago to the reality in America today? Here is a link to start the research. How many goals have been accomplished in your opinion?

When fighting an enemy, whether in a military action or in politics, the concept of “divide and conqueror” is important. The Left, and particularly the Obama administration, has mastered this technique. They divide us along many lines. It’s done for favors and votes; part of the power-seeking mentality of politicians. Yet “a country divided cannot stand.” Aren’t our elected officials today destroying our nation for favors and votes and for their own power-seeking egos?  Don’t they realize that if our country fails, becomes a tyrannical state, that very few of them will still be in the ruling class? They’ll be pushed aside like everyone else and become part of the serf class. Will suicide rates go up?

The Left today, the Democrat Party with all its affiliates, uses the black community as pawns. They care no more about the status of blacks than they do gays, Hispanics, the “working class,” women, or any other group they claim to be looking out for and supporting. They’re all just votes to keep the power-seeking elitists in power. The Left plays the so called “disadvantaged” label for all it’s worth. What happens should the black community have a “light bulb” moment, realize they’ve been bamboozled, and have been supporting their enemies and voting against their own best interest for the past 50-60 years? Would not the DNC implode? And as for race pimps Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Eric Holder and their ilk, once exposed as using the black community only for the money their actions produce, will they still be invited to speak? Will they even be “safe” in a black community? What would happen to the Congressional Black Caucus? The NAACP? Maybe some “social justice” is in order.

Democrats are strong believers in the “living constitution” concept. They say that times have changed since 1789, our Founders are long since dead, and the constitution must change with the times. The problem is they don’t want to follow the process laid out in the constitution to effect that change because they can’t win that way. Thus all the parsing of words, changing the meanings of words, circumvention of the constitution, executive orders and actions etc. that we see today. And they don’t answer the question when posed to them. Instead they change the discussion or use a false argument as justification for their intended actions. What would happen if suddenly we had a 70% staunch conservative congress and a very staunch conservative President who were strict constitutionalists? If it’s not in the constitution, it’s illegal and can’t be done. If it’s already done, stop it, eliminate it, void it. The Department of Education? Abolished. The IRS? Abolished. EPA? Gone. Would there be gnashing of teeth, screaming and shouting from the Democrats? You bet. Would America be better off? You bet. But how would it effect the dumb-down government dependent citizens in our growing nanny state who know no other lifestyle? Civil disorder?

Multiculturalism and political correctness has failed, or is failing, around the world yet today’s American politicians still embrace it. Does that not mean eventual failure here as well?  How can elected officials be so oblivious to reality? How can our President, his administration and his party, ignore such overwhelming evidence that radical Islam is at the root of terrorism around the world? It’s like looking at an automobile and refusing to acknowledge that it’s an automobile. It’s suddenly a “means of conveyance.”

It is well known that Obama has employed numerous Muslims in his administration; some at high levels with decision-making authority. I wonder - if at a staff meeting in the East Room, with Obama and Biden present, one of these individuals blew himself, Obama, Biden and others to smithereens, would Josh Earnest still call it “work place violence?” If not Muslims, who would they blame? The GOP? Climate change? Bush?

The world’s problem with radical Islam is growing. Only cave dwellers don’t know that. And it is difficult to solve as there is no standing army you can defeat and end the problem. With lone wolves and terrorist cells scattered all across the globe, how do you defeat it? Here’s a thought. What if the West unified in a single threat to these Muslim radical leaders. “Conduct another terrorist attack in our land or on our people and Mecca ceases to exist. Attack us and we’ll destroy Mecca within 24 hours.” Would that be a real threat or would our enemy know that the leaders of the West have no stomach for such? Just more hot air? Another line in the sand not enforced?

A thousand years ago, give or take, the Crusades took place. Depending on which historian you read and his / her political / religious persuasion, these Crusades were either an aggressive move by Christians to expand Christendom or a defensive move by them to counter the aggression from the Muslims. I was taught the latter. Looking at today’s middle east it is clearly aggression from Islam that’s at the root of the chaos, death and destruction. Is history repeating itself? Are we building towards another crusade-like effort? Does the Christian world have the will to resist of just capitulate? Or will the Muslim world destroy itself? Regardless, what are the implications for the rest of the world? Armageddon?

The European Union is unstable. Financial markets around the globe are unstable. If there is wide-spread civil disobedience in Europe, caused by radical Islam or some other issue, similar to Greece a couple years ago, what happens to world markets? If a few nations refuse to accept the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, what does that do to the US economy? If Obama continues his destructive ways on capitalism, and Heaven forbid we elect another progressive in 2016, are we ready for another Great Depression?  Can you visualize an unstable world with production of food reduced, money worthless, civil disturbances all over the globe, neighbor against neighbor? Survival mode? That’s a strong argument against weak national leadership that knows zilch about economics and capitalism; against political correctness and multiculturalism; against an elitist ruling class with life-time terms / appointments; against a dumb-down citizenry; against progressivism, communism and socialism; against what we have now.

What if? What if, years from now, after Obama is no longer relevant, whistleblowers and insiders come forward with irrefutable evidence, hard copy evidence, of Mr. Obama’s involvement in the various scandals during his administration. Documentation that proves he directed Eric Holder to conduct the Fast and Furious operation. That he directed the IRS to target conservative groups. That he personally hired the forger who fabricated his birth certificate. That Benghazi was planned by himself, Hillary and Stevens? That several media groups privately agreed to downplay any scandals, not ask any tough questions, and covertly push the progressive agenda. What if all that we have suspected throughout these years proves to be true? Even bigger, what if we find that his ultimate motive was the destruction of the capitalist system and remaking America into a socialist state with “President For Life” Barack H. Obama in charge? What would happen after the fact in America? Food for thought! Questions to ponder!

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(Mr. Reams is a Christian, senior citizen, family man, veteran, conservative and retired small business owner.;

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