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Supreme Court Ignores Our Constitution and Wears the Hats of Obama-Type Fascists

Jerry McConnell · Jul. 6, 2015

Many American citizens have been openly questioning and wondering if the recent SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) decisions regarding ObamaCare and same-sex marriage are the beginnings of a governmental fascist takeover by self-appointed elitists.

The SCOTUS decisions were much less Constitution-based directives for guidance as the work of that body is properly defined, but more establishment of illegal law as articulated by five or six self-deigned “supreme beings” in the beginnings of a coup d'état for outright control of our government.

Three of the justices of the current body who were appointed by conservative presidents remained true to their appointments and voted against health care and the new interpretation of marriage and one was vehemently opposed and spoke for the minority.

The fourth justice, John Roberts, deserted his appointing authority on the health care issue but remained loyal to the conservative point of view on the marriage vote. But another justice, Kennedy — also appointed by a conservative president and one who gets great delight out of being a pivotal figure who reaps much in the way of press publicity, contrary to the goals of conservatism — cannot be depended on by either side and votes just to please himself while basking in the public limelight.

Something needs to be done with the Judicial Branch of government to make it more responsive to our Constitution and centuries-old government traditions. Some complain about unelected justices and judges who should be there for interpretations of laws and wind up actually changing the laws to suit their minuscule personal mandates without benefit of the wills and wishes of the general public and long traditions of governance.

Our political parties do not help with their divisiveness as has been the custom ever since the two largest parties became radically divided over the issue of big government and wealth redistribution so that all funds are evenly dispersed regardless of the need or effort expended. Communes where there is just one big pile of money that is distributed by the government (politicians) on an equal basis; except for those in the government who get first dibs on that distribution.

The other party is mostly comprised of those who favor the industrial/business establishment which provide our nations commerce with organizations or businesses that produce goods and services to the public for a fee and also provide jobs to anyone who is willing to work for their living needs. Those people are more interested in seeing individuals in jobs where they can set their own goals and work to accomplish them. Smaller, less costly government, with less taxes and burdens to the people will allow them to fulfill their goals.

Only one branch of our government is constitutionally charged with establishing the laws that govern our daily activities, and it has been that way for more than two centuries. But here in 2015, with the strange and probably illegal activity of the Supreme Court in its handling of the healthcare proposition and again in their mishandling of the definition of marriage, we have the Judiciary actually deciding on the question instead of the people.

This puzzling direction away from the normal activities of the High Court in order to create a law is coupled with our highest elected government officer, the president, who is constantly trying to subvert the historical workings of government by attempts to bypass members of Congress, who are charged with making laws, and changing or creating his own as if he were suddenly designated as the country’s dictator.

It has boiled down to the fact that every branch of government wants to be the one to create laws, and only one, Congress, has that authority. This president has already announced to the country, and the world for that matter, that he has the “audacity” to be the one to tell the people to back off and let him do what he wants. In other words, he wants to be our dictator.

Now that would be something to behold, if he had the tools to be able to dictate sensibly. But he hasn’t got those necessities and has to depend on communist-trained and tutored cabinet officers and a whole raft of vicious and uncouth czars and mentors like the wild and wooly Louis Farrakhan and George Soros.

Obama’s got the mouth to be audacious but not the brains. He’d rather be golfing.

Many people, and not just in this country, but in many others, would much rather see him golfing than handling sensitive government affairs, but his ego drives him to levels where he just does not belong.

I wish another Ronald Reagan would come along and show the Executive Branch and the Judiciary Branch what they are supposed to be doing after getting elected. That action would not be out of place in regards to our almost 99 percent aloof Congress and its distant from the wishes of constituents and fellow countrymen and women as well.

Talk of impeachment actuated by conservative Justice Samuel Alito of Justice Elena Kagan is entirely within the realm of responsibility of our Congress. Let them see the light and truth to the majority justices in the same-sex marriage controversial ruling, and let them take action to right the wrongs done to our Constitution.

And let the recalcitrant U. S. Senate override its normalcy of failing to convict and, for once, vote to convict if impeachment is on the agenda for the sake of continuation of our country.

My wishes are for all to have a wonderful 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day, our country’s birthday.

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