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Causing and Condoning Sinful Behavior: Part VI

Duane V. Grassell · Jul. 9, 2015

Solution & Conclusion

If I were to end this series here, I would have the appearance of being only judgmental. However, I never identify a problem without first offering a solution. As I alluded earlier, the United States became great because it was founded by good Christian men who searched the scriptures in the framing of our Constitution. About fifty years later, a French author identified this nation as a Christian nation. As far as into the 1890s, the Supreme Court identified the United States as a Christian nation. It was during the 1950s and 1960s when the courts and a cultural minority began to squelch public utterances of the Christian message that the majority culture of this nation began its decent into the moral sewer. The only thing that can pull this nation out of this sewer is a reawakening of the Christian faith and the conversion of new believers. While there are many faiths in the world, it is difficult to discern which faith can be the one true one. The most powerful argument for the Christian faith, outside biblical scripture, is the power of changed lives.

Non-Christians cannot be judged in the same light as Christians. Unbelievers are slaves to sin (Romans 6) and can only be made free through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. In my 58 years, I have met former Nazis who did and believed detestable things, but the Holy Spirit indwelt in them through their belief in Jesus Christ brought a positive change to their lives. I have met former communist activists whose lives were changed because of their genuine faith in Jesus Christ. I have met former homosexuals whose lives were changed by belief in Jesus Christ which gave them the freedom to leave that lifestyle. I have met people who served a stretch in prison whose lives were changed when they accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and the Lord of their lives. History is full of more life changing stories that changed for the better once they became a believer in Christ. I count myself as a life that has been changed. Before accepting Christ in my 20s, I had little interest in work or respecting other people’s property, but I did have an unhealthy interest in the opposite sex. Christ has changed my life and made me a better man.

Our nation is currently taking many paths to destruction. The only true hope we have is a reemergence of the Christian faith in our nation and a mass conversion of our fellow Americans. I call upon all brothers and sisters in the faith to witness their faith to unbelievers in their social circle while we still can. You never know who will accept and who will not. To those who are near those new to the faith, become a mentor to help them grow in the faith and become teachers, evangelists or other workers for the faith. The Christian faith still grew under communist block regimes in the 1970s and 1980s and played a role in the fall of the communism in the 1990s. Despite fierce persecution, the Christian faith is growing in Communist China. Until the rise of the Islamic State, the Christian faith was growing in Muslim nations. Christianity had its greatest growth during the rule of the Roman empire. and within three centuries, a Roman emperor accepted Jesus Christ. If Christianity can grow in those nations, it can still grow here. It’s our only real hope. It’s time for all true Christians and every Biblical sound church to not just get involved in the political process, but to combine it with evangelism as well.

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