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Looking Forward In Our Dumbed-Down Politically Correct Republic

Larry Reams · Sep. 14, 2015

No one has to tell you that political correctness has consumed our country to the point of being absolutely absurd. Honesty, truth, fact and reality has given way to lies, fiction and a “la-la land” mentality. We can’t be truthful no matter the consequences as it might hurt someone’s feelings. The only feelings still fair game are those of Christians and cops. Yet without the former there wouldn’t be a constitutional republic in the first place and without the latter we’d have anarchy. It takes a special kind of stupid person to ignore truth in favor of a lie simply because it makes you feel better.

Looking back through history we can come up with many examples of mistakes made on the national level that led to devastating unintended consequences years later. A few examples: Passing the 16th Amendment, illegally, brought us the Federal Reserve, IRS, income taxes, loss of control of a sound currency and huge debt. Passing the 17th Amendment, illegally, brought us loss of accountability in the US Senate that has become dysfunctional. Not taking advantage of the opportunity to capture Osama bin Laden in the ‘90’s brought us 9/11 and an increasing number of terrorists actions. Not prosecuting John Kerry for his treason during the Vietnam war brought us a treasonous Secretary of State with the potential of far greater death and destruction in the future thanks to Iran. And in our personal lives we can all come up with scores of life and career decisions we made that might not have yielded the results we desired had we done something differently, education being one and our choice of a marriage partner being another.

But today, as political correctness rules, and our education systems opts to teach an agenda instead of history, civics and other subject matter more critical, where will our republic be twenty years from now? Fifty year; 100 years? Will we still even be a constitutional republic? Today probably 90% of the citizenry don’t even know what a constitutional republic is which is my point. If you don’t know what you are, how do you preserve it? If an accepted agenda is taught that doesn’t favor your current style of government, how long before it is no more? And what are the consequences on our posterity? That’s why political correctness rules the day. It keeps people from thinking critically, asking appropriate questions and holding others accountable for their actions. That opens the door to a dictatorship. It’s all part of the bigger plan which America so far hasn’t caught on to.

America is a nation of laws. No country can exist for long without laws faithfully obeyed by all. Yet in our country today our laws are not administered equally among all. If you’re the privileged class you get away with what the non privileged class can’t. If you’ve got money and influence, you’re treated one way. If you don’t have that, you’re treated another way under the same law. Kim Davis was thrown in jail for violating a law yet Mayors all across the country go scot free for violating the law regarding sanctuary cities. General David Petraeus was convicted on a similar law which Hillary Clinton has violated many times over yet thus far no action against her. Because of her privileged status, the investigation will continue on into eternity with no resolution. After all, she’s a presidential candidate. Where is the outcry for justice equally applied? There is some but not nearly enough. Looking twenty years down the road, will laws only apply to the non privileged class? Will we have kings and queens, and serfs? We already have a president who considers himself above it.

Another privileged class growing in number are the Muslims in America. You can throw stones at Christians all day without a harsh word spoken in protest. Make a disparaging comment against a Muslim and you’re a racist or an Islamophobe. Should that continue unabated for another 20, 30 years, the Muslims will be our kings and queens, we’ll be under sharia law, no constitution, and they’ll be a beheadings on the White House lawn weekly. Although they declared war on the US decades ago, with more incidents of acts of war against us than we can count, we have largely placated them. At least when we oppose, we do it very meekly sending the message that we’re not really serious. Obama, a Muslim sympathizer, will go down in history as Chamberlain II. He is THE example of a politically correct election; elected because he is black, PC and “cool,” all of which trumped qualifications, and look at all the destruction he has brought forth in seven years. Unquestionably he is the most impeachable president since 1789 yet in our PC world our elected officials are spineless to do so. How can a citizenry who thinks rationally, elect and reelect, an anti-American as her president and hope to prosper, maintain liberty, and continue our exceptionalism? Is there no concern for future generations? Or respect for the sacrifices of past generations? Fools all.

Looking down the road with Mr. Obama’s Iran “deal,” what could possibly go wrong? How much damage can Iran do with $100 billion in wreaking havoc around the globe, including in small town USA, over the next 20 years? Why are we so stupid to grant our sworn enemy that kind of money knowing their intentions, and allowing them the nuclear bomb in 15 years, if not already, knowing what they intend to do with it? Can you imagine a nuclear arms race in the middle east where every radical regime has them? Will nuclear events 30 years from now be as common as ISIS beheading events are today?

Our armed forces has a proud history unmatched by any other nation. In fact we have saved most of those other nations from destruction. After over 200 years of tradition and policies that work and allowed us to become THE premier military force in the world, we now feel compelled to treat it as a social experiment; see how much destruction we can inflict on ourselves in the name of “diversity.” The list of social experiments is well known and the toll they’re taking is predictable. High ranking officers today are more politician than military leaders. No George Pattons or Douglas MacArthurs in the lot. Carrying the water bucket for Mr. Obama allowed most of them to rise in rank and position. How long will it be before you can buy four stars and become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs because of your support for President Michelle Obama? How long before the diversified infantry division of gays, lesbians and transgenders throw down their arms in the face of danger and run away? Yea, let’s immolate the Iraqis and the French. We will, however, create a cottage industry of making white flags.

How long before Obamacare completely implodes leaving the world’s premier health care system in ruins? How long before Social Security and Medicare becomes insolvent? Those agencies can tell you that now yet nothing is done to fix it. How long before gay and lesbians, an estimated 3% or so of society, completely rule over the other 97%? How long before they spread HIV throughout the culture becoming the number one killer of Americans? How long before the black community, under the “leadership” of Obama, Sharpton, Farakkhan, Jackson and others, declare that everyone is to be “judged by the color of their skin not the content of their character” and everyone accepts that? Martin Luther who? How long before a Democrat/communist-controlled Congress votes to discard our Constitution in favor of a socialist monarchy? How long before our southern border is erased with no attempt to control the alien invasion? “A nation without borders.” How long before a high school senior will have no clue who George Washington was, what the Declaration of Independence is, or what voting rights are? How long before God simply wipes the US version of Sodom and Gomorrah off the face of the earth?

It’s been said by many before — if there is no America, there is no civilized world. If we become a third world dictatorship, there is no hope for other nations. One can look at the gravity of the decisions being made today and the lack of resolve from the citizenry and those we elect to represent us to solve problems, or to even acknowledge them, and see total chaos in our future. I don’t think that’s why God created this country and put us here. But then, we’ve turned our back on Him too. We’ve largely become immoral as a nation, too politically correct to even recognize it, and too stupid to do anything about it if we did.

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(Mr. Reams is a Christian, senior citizen, family man, veteran, conservative and retired small business owner.;

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