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Will Non-Citizens Elect Your Next Congressman?

L.E. Brown · Nov. 5, 2015

For the past year or so North Carolina citizens have been the victims of probably the most elaborate and slick statewide political scam ever in the state.

Yet the existence of the scam remains largely unknown, it seems, to the public.

That the scam exists may also be unknown to many politicians, including members of the state legislature and the governor. One has to admit, even reluctantly, that a few lawmakers are that stupid, don’t pay attention to what is going on, or simply don’t care.

Surely it is unknown to bona-fide conservative or libertarian newspaper columnists and talking heads on television, else they would be crying out.

While Democrats and Republicans have squabbled over whether to require voters to identify themselves with a photo, no battle has been waged over whether the voting process should allow non-citizens to vote.

The reason is simple: Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians are equal in their desire to want the vote of non-citizens.

Granted, it is a given that to point out that most of non-citizens living in North Carolina are Hispanic one will be branded a racist. But, arguably, North Carolina’s population is probably made up of the largest percentage of non-citizens in the United States, and most of them are Hispanic.

With or without a photo identification, non-citizens have been voting and, without a change in the process, will vote next year, and the number of people elected by citizens of a foreign country will continue to rise in Congress and in some state offices.

When a person registers to vote, he or she attests by their signature that they are a citizen of the United States. They do not have to produce any proof, not even proof of their identity.

It is true that federal law makes it illegal to falsely claim U.S. Citizenship when registering to vote in any federal, state or local election.

It is also true, at least in North Carolina, that little or no effort is made to determine whether this law is being violated, much less prosecute same.

Once registered, election laws prevent a potential voter from being asked whether they are a citizen.

The existence of this element in the process of voting is why, in North Carolina at least, pre-election time politicians of both major parties stream into boards of elections headquarters to pick up handfuls of voter registration forms and head for migrant labor camps, senior-care facilities and other places. It is assumed that illegal immigrants or people a few years shy of 100, can’t be coerced into registering, much less lie about their citizenship.

It is why the process allows government employees at government agencies to help potential voters register. It is assumed that government workers don’t influence registration.

It is why many states allow registration electronically, and in most states, registration can be done by postal mail. Once again, signatures are of minor importance.

It is why some politicians are pushing for universal registration, including at least one U.S. presidential hopeful, who wants Congress to enact legislation that would automatically register people when they turn 18 unless they take active steps to opt out.

While the above comments are directed primarily at conditions in North Carolina, it is reasonably safe to assume that most apply nationwide.

While spokespersons for both major parties ask for the Hispanic vote they try to imply that they are talking about immigrants in the U.S. legally, conveniently omitting the fact that so-called “documented” immigrants aren’t U.S. Citizens, and violate election laws when they register to vote.

But vote-hungry Republican and Democratic politicians don’t worry about legality, given their waiver of it over the years when they, in the name of greed and votes, allowed millions to enter the United States illegally, and to stay in the United States.

Most importantly, like in North Carolina, nationwide politicians, and other leaders nationwide, of all political affiliations, are talking about differences in voter identification, early voting, ad nauseum, while hiding what the real voter fraud against qualified voters, allowing non-citizens to vote.

It is possible that the next U.S. President’s election will be due to voters who owe their allegiance to a foreign country.

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