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Real Men Are a Dying Breed

John Washington · Nov. 30, 2015

The real man is slowly going away to extinction in this culture. We have males that walk around posing as “men,” but they are just really males in the biological sense. There is nothing manly about them. These posers, who call themselves manly, are walking around wearing tight blue jeans, keds, and Darth Vader masks, claiming to be men. These children (let’s call a spade a spade) get their feelings hurt because one person in the media doesn’t enjoy the same boring entertainment as they do, and comments on it.

What I have noticed is the emasculation of this society. We see the constant barrage on what it is to be a real man by talking heads in this culture. The believers don’t know better because their dad never taught them how to be a real man, so they learn on television and radio from strangers. However, this is no excuse to act the way these people did. And it is a sad perpetual cycle.

Recently, Katherine Timpf, a Fox News contributor, stated on a late night satirical show that" I have never had any interest in watching space nerds poke each other with their little space nerd sticks, and I’m not going to start now. You people are crazy. You Star Wars people are crazy.“ The nerds lost their minds. Apparently, in the insane world these Star Wars freaks live in, those types of comments warrant the offender to lose their life. Yes, that is correct. These "men” want to take the life of someone else who simply does not agree with them; all over a Hollywood movie that was created to make money and entertain. This simple, permitted comment means your life should be ended. Really? There is nothing else more important going on? I believe Timpf was validated when these petulant “men” started their childish tirade and hurled disgusting vulgar terms at her, then wished violent sexual acts done to her. These people are disgusting, abhorrent, vile, perverted, odious, nauseating and revolting. Plain and simple.

These people are not men by any means. They are a bunch of males that never grew up mentally and emotionally. Somehow they got stuck in a cyclical release of prepubescent hormones and never matured. I know I really should not have to repeat this, but it is a movie! Nothing more, nothing less.

They did not stop with disgusting insults. They went onto new grounds. Timpf recently lost her mother to a disease. The males with facades of men decided to bring that to the forefront of their valiant attempt to defend their beloved Star Wars galaxy. Imagine if she insulted Luke and Lala. The world would have stopped spinning and all life would be put on hold until Timpf was captured by the Storm Troopers and crucified for her unforgivable sins. This is the culture of “manliness” that we see now.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand having hobbies and being fanatic about activities that interest you. I even understand enjoying certain movies. However, I would never even think to publicly degrade someone over something that was created simply for entertainment purposes. There is no excuse for acting like this. None. Not one. In fact, I hope one of those infantile babies reads this commentary. I would love to hear one good, valid reason to threaten death, insult a passed mother and name call like Barack does Republicans the way they have done to Timpf. You can find me on Twitter.

There are many ways to be a grown man. Acting like these cretins certainly isn’t one of them.

One way to be a man is to take care of your family in the way of working to provide. If any of these people are married, I feel really bad for their wife. I am sure these “gems” of manhood come home from collecting a paycheck and go straight to their room to play with Star Wars figures and write new scripts for their Star Wars YouTube battles. Providing is more than just getting a paycheck. It is ensuring your wife has support to help with the kids, making sure the house is in order, inside and out.

Another way to be a man is to take your family on an adventure. Prepare a camping trip, or just go outdoors. Take just your wife on a day trip somewhere. Be adventurous. If these “guys” are married, I really doubt it is because their wife found great skill in how they set up their Star Wars toys and conquer the galaxy on a nightly basis in their parents’ basement.

A real man will defend himself, or a loved one, whether the assault is verbal or physical. REALITY ALERT: Defending a movie because you have become so out of touch with reality does not constitute being a man. I’m not apologizing for that comment. It means you are out of touch with reality and need to grow up.

 One thing I really hope these guys (I have a hard time calling them guys) haven’t done is reproduced. Having these “men” as fathers would be an injustice to their children. A real man is someone who is a positive role model for their children and in their community. When these grown males donned their Luke Skywalker Halloween costume, sat behind their computer screen, and put their Star Wars figures around them as backup before grotesquely attacking Timpf, they set the tone for what a role model is not. There was nothing remotely positive in which the way they acted about a movie with a science fiction theme.

The society we live in has made being a real man taboo. Current society says a real man is considered to be domesticated with no wildness about him, even though in most cases adventure is what captured the woman that married him. We have people who believe the Star Wars fiction is real and has feelings, so it must be protected at all costs.

Those who attacked Timpf because their feelings were hurt over a joke about Star Wars need to reevaluate their lives. They have reduced their existence to a fictional movie and look like complete losers on Twitter defending this film that has literally never done anything for them.

The real man in this society is a dying breed and those suckers who have fallen for the narrative will insult, threaten and harass a woman over a joke she made, showing how childish they are.

There is nothing wrong with Star Wars. I don’t think that everyone who likes Star Wars is a child, but when they respond like this, they give me no choice but to draw this conclusion about them personally.

Our society has its priorities out of line. Way out of line. Get rid of the figurines, Darth and Luke life-size cutouts, and Star Wars sheets and grow up already. It’s a science fiction movie.

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