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With Enough Fertilizer and Yellow Rain, We Can See the Grassroots Grow

Murray T. Bass · Jan. 18, 2016

Grassroots are getting greener every day, with daily acts of treason by Barack Obama providing the fertilizer. There are more calls for Obama’s arrest for treason by well-known folks, most recently by former congressman Allen West. My call is for Hillary, too. Here are a few examples of the greening of the Grassroots.

A constitutional expert, Kris Anne Hall, spoke out on the fact there is no constitutional basis for federal ownership of public lands; more open resistance to the aggression of the Obama administration; refusals to comply with unconstitutional regulations; questions about the jurisdiction of federal courts in purely state matters.

The list of grassroots greening just keeps on growing.

Social gatherings, which in the past refused to talk “politics,” now openly discuss our current situation and how it compares to the events that triggered the American Revolution. They are talking about anarchy versus virtual enslavement. The once silent are now aware.

One of the most recent events stem from the standoff in Oregon between the Hammond family, the BLM and the FBI. Prior to the standoff, a rally of more than 500 objected to the planned takeover of private property by the federal bureaucracy. The rally supported the Hammond family, Ammond Bundy and neighbors. It doesn’t get the media attention it deserves.

Kris Anne Hall spoke authoritatively of the unlawful claim by the federal government to ownership of public lands. The Hammond family has owned its ranch as private property for generations. As has the Bundy family in Nevada. As it so happens, the conflict does not appear to be about a 139-acre backfire started by the Hammonds to contain a wildfire. Nor is it over the Hammond family’s refusal to give up its land for a scam national monument. It appears to be really about the abundant natural resources under the Hammond and Bundy properties (see details in U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1740-B).

Also in Oregon, the Idaho 3% militia sent a convoy to defuse the near-conflict by presenting Terms of Resolution to all parties: the Hammonds, the FBI and the local sheriff. Law enforcement organizations are calling for the local sheriffs to take control. Sheriffs are the controlling law enforcement agencies in every American county. They are being called on to stand between federal personnel and those citizens who choose to exercises their constitutional rights.

One of the militias has taken over one county building as a show of strength to bureaucrats and politicians who have chosen to violate citizen rights. Sheriffs are being forced to choose between supporting a treasonous government or protecting their citizens.

Gun and ammunition sales regularly are reaching new highs. A fact that is being ignored is that sales of ammo and guns to citizens is cumulative. As the rate increases, the supply in the hands of the public grows higher and higher. Personally, my stock of ammunition has quadrupled over the last year. I have heard more and more talk of armed resistance should the federal government seek to confiscate weapons. If that happens, there will be the equivalent of a hundred ​shots heard around he world.

I believe it is likely to happen unless Obama is arrested for his treasonous acts or he decides to resign to avoid catastrophic conflict. It is not his nature to back off. Some believe it is his intention to create conflict and use it as an excuse for declaring military law and cancelling the election. A lot of speculation. Possible and not unlikely. Be prepared. At the very least, it is a deadly game of chicken.

Grassroots moms are agreeing too in a different, quiet sort of revolution. I recently became aware of a group of moms who have been talking to one another on a weekly conference call for more than a year. They were trying to figure out what to do to fight the unconstitutional “Common Core” federal education program. They wanted to return control of the education of children to parents. Finally they decided they had to do something even if no one else did. So they organized a conference to look for a way to educate the public on alternatives to the program. It spread across the country, attracting other moms from many states from coast to coast. They called the conference “It’s About the Child” and added spaces for those who provide ideas to combat abortion on demand and save the unborn from slaughter. Go Grassroots moms!! Very interesting. Real solutions. When word got out, it morphed into a nationwide program. It even reached me. I can’t go. But thanks to modern technology, I am signing up for a Live Stream view of every speaker. Instead of costing about $2,000.00 for travel and accommodations, it is costing me about $12.00. And I can look at it and listen when I have time. I just couldn’t turn it down. As a bonus, I understand that presidential candidates Cruz and Fiorina will be there, maybe more when conference time comes around on January 29th and 30th. I don’t expect to see any Democrats! Here’s where I signed up for less than $12.00:

Yes, the American Grassroots are alive and well, getting more vigorous and confident every day.

If you haven’t prepared to protect your family from a tyrannical government, the time to do it is now. I suggest that you find a reliable source of information about what is happening. You need to know what to expect and be ready when it happens. If you have the courage to stand up and protect your country, you will be protecting your faith as well. Morality in our faith is a key element to having morality in our government.

If you think I am an alarmist, you are right. We seem to be rolling towards outright tyranny with no one but you and I — the Grassroots — to stop it and save our republic. Having said all that, I sincerely hope and pray that the situation can be resolved with no violence. Please, pray with me.

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