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Showdown in America

George Rogers Clark · Mar. 16, 2011

America is still “the land of the free, the home of the brave”. However, we presently stand on the precipice, at risk of losing our liberty, and our bravery is to be severely tested.

In the war between the liberals and the conservatives, the showdown; the shootout; the defining battle of ideologies is upon us. We are presently seeing the beginnings of what will be the donnybrook of our age and a defining event in the history of our great nation. In my opinion, this one is literally a battle for the survival of American liberty, our economic system, and our way of life.

The battle lines have been drawn. Decades of excessive federal spending and trillions of dollars increase in the national debt have brought the nation to a place we’ve never been. Now, finally, the American people are frustrated and angry enough to do something about the situation. The November elections of 2010 demonstrated that we may have achieved a new resolve.

There is evidence that we are about to see cost cutting never before seen in our lifetimes. Yes, I am aware that a successful conservative movement would be a new experience. Not even Ronald Reagan managed to get congress to cut spending. This time I believe there will be cuts.

This defining event, this showdown of ideologies affecting the fiscal responsibility of the U.S.A. may last eight years. Each skirmish will be hard fought. In the end there will still be conservatives and liberals, but they may be redefined. In the end, the economic future of America will be secured, at least for a time.

I’m a conservative, but a compassionate person. Some of the cuts may be hard for me to accept. In the past my compassion has caused me to occasionally vote on the liberal side of an issue. However, in recent years I have become a polarized conservative; a no compromise, take no prisoners, conservative. Moreover, I am quite convinced that I am not alone; that my transformation is shared by a majority.

Today, there are many Americans who would like to see major reductions in spending for: wasteful programs, foreign aid, the invasion of illegal aliens, and more. They would like to see these before we start cutting the entitlement programs, but no longer consider entitlements sacred ground.

It is not difficult to see the roots of the discontent that has created this trend. Ronald Reagan style conservatives have been discontented for a long time as the size and cost of government have grown unabated. Very recently, the Tea Party has made a difference and helped to move more people to accept the realistic view that the spending is unsustainable and the debt is suffocating our economy.

The liberal, “progressive” wing of our government, over many years, certainly must bear a lot of the blame, but some “conservative” leaders have also failed to be conservative.

Presently, many are somewhat inspired by the November 2010 elections. Now we believe that cuts will be difficult, but possible and necessary for the survival of America as we have known it. The goal now is survival, and this time we do not have a strong economy to distract us from the painful truth, or to allow us to further delay the inevitable.

Very recently, some leading liberals have stood before TV cameras with a national audience and proclaimed that there is no problem; that we don’t need cuts; everything will be OK. Do not be misled; it is the old ostrich, head-in-the-sand trick. They simply fail to see the enormity of the problem. They seem unaware that things are dramatically different this time.

Now the time has arrived when the American people can all look over the edge of the precipice and agree that we must turn the tide. We must, at least temporarily, accept the reality that we cannot help our neighbor (or an immigrant) if we have become destitute. Perhaps now enough of us will just say “no” to the kind of vote buying government handouts that have been the carrot and the stick used by politicians of the past to get reelected. We have finally come to a place where only one thing matters: the survival of America as the land of the free, home of the brave.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

To retain liberty and pursue happiness we must first survive our current economic disaster. The voracious appetites of our federal government are rapidly becoming chains of slavery for our people. It will get much worse if we do not force fiscal restraint on the powers in Washington.

Now, finally we must give conservative ideas a chance to work in our nation. It is not just about cuts in spending; it is also about affecting a new, positive environment for the creation of jobs including a fresh growth of entrepreneurship.

Americans are the greatest, strongest, bravest people in the world. We have proven our mettle in many crises, in the past. We have met every extreme challenge we’ve faced, in the past. I believe we will meet this challenge in like manner.

I believe Obama will be a one term president. I believe a fair, flat income tax is in our future; one where everyone pays, no loopholes. I believe our extremely high corporate tax rate will be reduced, creating more jobs and making us far more competitive in the global marketplace. I believe cuts in federal spending combined with unprecedented economic growth will help Americans become self-sufficient again, the epitome of the proud American dream.

I believe: that is the key. We need to toss out cynicism, regain our confidence, and forge ahead with sane, sensible, logical solutions. Many politicians and citizens alike will have to sacrifice some sacred cows. We will become free again only when we free our hearts and minds to do what needs to be done, with faith and confidence. I believe that God had a hand in founding this nation and that He is willing to help restore it. We should all pray for His guidance in our own way.

With our courage lifted by our common and just cause, we will do what needs be done. Then we will need to stay the course until the economy is again a model of excellence; stay until the debt has been erased; stay until we can honestly afford to be a friend to those in need, as we were in the past. Then, and only then, may we assume a more liberal posture, if we so choose. But, it must be our choice, not the choice of politicians who are just trying to buy our vote.

Ronald Reagan helped to renew our nation for a time because he believed in us, he believed in America. He believed in the powerful possibilities of free people who were determined to remain free:

“Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.” –Ronald Reagan

“We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow.” –Ronald Reagan

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