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When Shutting Down the Government Is a Good Thing

Murray T. Bass · Apr. 15, 2011

When is shutting down the Government a good thing?

When the government is bleeding the Country to death financially shutting down the government is a good thing.

When Congress refuses to stop the bleeding, placing politics as usual above national survival, shutting down the government is a good thing.

When the Executive Branch creates new laws by regulation, bypassing Congress, shutting down the government is a good thing.

When the Executive Branch commits us to war without Congressional consent, shutting down the government is a good thing.

When the Government violates the law by refusing to enforces its own laws, shutting down the government is a good thing.

When the government fails to develop its energy resources and continues to fund the enemies of America and America’s freedoms, shutting down the government is a good thing.

When Judges ignore the intent of the Constitution and rule on their personal beliefs, shutting down the government is a good thing.

When all branches ignore the will of the people and the policies of States, shutting down the government is a good thing.

Just a few of the many reasons why shutting down the government now would be a good thing.

The people are in revolt. Even with a brand new group of Tea Party vetted legislators, nothing has changed. We are told that the “Deal” made between Congressional Republicans and the team of Obama and Reid was historic. It was indeed historic. Never before has a Congress betrayed its constituents as has this Congress led by Republican John Boehner. They went to the White house with all the high cards in their hands and came away with almost nothing. A failure that was applauded by the establishment Republicans. It was celebrated by Newt Gingrich who apparently wants the people to believe that nothing is better than something. (We sure don’t need his kind of leadership in the Oval office.) Against an understated projected deficit of $1.2 trillion, they were able to slash about $39 billion. A historic 3% of the deficit. An even more historic reduction of the budget by a full 1%. Then to fool the public, they threw in a meaningless pair of Senate votes to defund Planned Parenthood and defund Obamacare. Certain to fail. Window dressing. Just how stupid do they think the American people are? Obviously they think we’re brainless. Then there was the fiction that the “Deal” was supported by the Tea Party. Why would the Grass Roots Tea Party support what was clearly a betrayal of their objectives?. Maybe Republican Party’s political consulting partner Tea Party Express endorsed the Deal. But they are Tea Party for the Republican money, not Tea Party Patriot principles.

Everything the public wanted them to defund remains funded. Planned Parenthood’s cleanup of sexually abused young girls will continue to be paid for by the public. We’ll still be financing publicly assisted statutory rape. You and I. Prefunding of Obamacare remains. The public got nothing except the knowledge that we will be forced to continue to bleed to death financially. In two more years we may very well be in such poor financial condition that we will never recover. That, folks, isn’t a better option than shutting the Government Down. Shutting it down would have been the most positive action that could have been taken.

So what do we do now? No real conservative would have accepted the financial death sentence that the “deal” represents. If it is to be historic, it must be in the actions we take now to save and restore our country to health. The system is broken by decades of self serving partisan politicians. Get rid of all Congressmen and Senators who voted for the Continuing Resolution. Democrats and Republicans alike. Recall or impeach them now. Fight the spending in court. Much of it is unconstitutional. We need to start over in every branch and return to the Founding fathers original concepts. Restore the Constitution to it proper place as the ultimate law of the land – the genuine basis for the “Rule of Law.” Recruit patriots willing to serve the country. Genuine term limits. No careers. Part time legislators with pay and benefits comparable to those in the general public. I will have to admit that I had great hopes that the new Republican Congress would be able to reverse the direction of the Federal Government from suicidal spending and ignoring basic security responsibilities to one of fiscal responsibility. Making the security our nation must have absolutely mandatory. I have come to the conclusion that our government is hopelessly flawed. That there is no way to fix it other than by shutting it down and starting over. I believe we will have to shift our emphasis from shaping the world to reshaping our way of life here at home . When we again become the shining example of freedom and common sense, then we can look at the woes of the world. Now we are a laughing stock to be manipulated and taken advantage of. We must heal ourselves. Beginning at the grass roots. Shutting down our government as it now operates is necessary. It will be a good thing.

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