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Senate Stalls Late-Term Abortion Bill

Gary Bauer · Sep. 23, 2015

Senate Stalls Late-Term Abortion Bill

The Senate had an opportunity [yesterday] to show the world what a humane and compassionate country we are. Unfortunately, it failed miserably when Senate liberals voted to filibuster legislation saving unborn babies from late-term abortions.

This should not be a controversial issue. The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is so named because studies indicate that children at an advanced stage of pregnancy are capable of feeling the pain inflicted by the abortionist’s instruments.

Only seven nations permit abortions under most circumstances past 20 weeks. Polls show that the American people — especially women — overwhelmingly oppose late-term abortions.

Walker Out

The Republican presidential field narrowed again yesterday with Scott Walker’s exit from the race. Walker’s early and sudden departure from the campaign is a reminder of just how often the conventional wisdom is wrong.

The early thinking was that governors had the inside track to the nomination. They were Washington outsiders. They had no voting records to pick apart. They had proven executive experience and demonstrated leadership.

Well, the first two candidates to end their campaigns have been governors (Perry and Walker), while Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are still very much in the running.

CAIR vs. Carson

Dr. Ben Carson might be the next candidate to drop out if the Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has anything to do with it. CAIR is calling on Dr. Ben Carson to drop out after he suggested that an Islamist should not be elected president.

In one interview Dr. Carson clarified his remarks by saying that anybody can be president as long as they put the Constitution first. Islamists, who believe in the supremacy of Sharia law, do not do that. That clarification resulted in another round of outrage.

But consider the bigger issue. Sharia law essentially says there can be no faith but Islam. That is why it is illegal to proselytize in many Islamic nations. In some countries, those who convert to another religion face the death penalty. So on its face, Sharia law contradicts the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of religion. And that’s just for starters.

Every left-wing reporter should be asked this question: Would you be in favor of a congressional majority that supported Sharia law?

Every feminist, gay rights advocate and abortion supporter should be asked: Would you vote for a Muslim candidate who believes in Sharia law?

These folks routinely insist that Christian conservatives shouldn’t run for office because they might govern based on their biblical values. But how can the same leftists insist it is bigotry for anyone else to say, “I don’t want to be governed by a Muslim who believes in Sharia law over the Constitution?”


Pope Francis arrive[d] in the United States [yesterday]. Some church leaders have suggested that Pope Francis will make both sides of the aisle uncomfortable during his remarks before Congress Thursday morning. Perhaps he will.

What I fear is that the left-wing media will ignore anything the pope says about the sanctity of life and marriage as God’s ordained institution between one man and one woman, while hyping anything he says about climate change and immigration.

Our Catholic friends believe that the Holy Father is infallible when he speaks from his official capacity as leader of the Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals. I think most of them would concede that he is not infallible when it comes to economics and the environment.

It would be wonderful if on Francis’ trip to America someone had the opportunity to explain to Pope Francis that the poor in the Third World will languish in poverty longer if the radical environmentalists’ war on fossil fuels is successful.

One billion people in the world still do not have electricity. They will get it from coal, oil and natural gas. They won’t get it from windmills or solar cells unless they want to wait another 50 years.

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