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Donald Trump Has Been Good for Religion

Burt Prelutsky · Jul. 15, 2017

Among the many benefits of having Trump in the White House, one that should not be ignored is the greater understanding that now exists between the other religions and evangelical Christianity. I’m sure I’m not the only conservative Republican who thought that when the liberal media conspired to release the audio of Trump exchanging crude comments with Bobby Bush about women shortly before the election, it spelled the end of Trump’s chances of defeating Hillary Clinton.

The fact that he not only carried the evangelicals but did so in record numbers let everybody know that born-again Christians are rational people who are far more concerned with the future of America than they are with five minutes of secretly recorded locker room smut.

In very short order, Trump has placed a religion-friendly justice on the Supreme Court and, with his phone and his pen, has demonstrated his sympathy for Catholic nuns and those religious bakers and florists, who had been targeted by Obama.

Something else that Trump has succeeded in doing is opening left-wing secular minds to the possibility that Satan and Hell are something more than literary devices. If you had asked any Democrat about either of those things six months ago, he’d have let you know that he’s an atheist and therefore doesn’t put stock in any of that supernatural nonsense. But, today, you won’t find a single one who won’t swear that Satan is residing in the White House and complain that he has turned America into Hell.

That’s why if the talking heads on CNN or MSNBC announced today that they have proof that in addition to colluding with Russia to steal the election from Mrs. Clinton, they heard from a source in the White House that President Trump is a cross-dressing, devil-worshipping, cannibal who slurps his soup, it would be the lead story in tomorrow’s New York Times.

While it’s true that no shots have been fired recently at or near Fort Sumter, a state of civil war clearly exists between several states and the federal government.

I first became aware of this when various localities refused to comply with federal law when it came to illegal aliens. They even boasted of their sanctuary status and dared the feds to do something about it.

Next came a couple of judges in Hawaii and Washington, who, along with the 4th and 9th Circuit Courts of Appeal, decided they had the authority to overrule the President of the United States when it came to his constitutional right to determine America’s immigration policy. What’s more, they decided that they could ignore the Constitution entirely, and base their judicial decisions, not on the actual legislation, but on comments he had made during an election campaign.

Now, we have yet another Civil War battle brewing because the attorneys general of two dozen states are refusing to turn over public records to a federal panel investigating voter fraud. They are basing their unlawful obstructionism on the fraudulent claims of the DNC that photo I.D.s suppress voting rights for tens of millions of blacks and Hispanics.

To their credit, people like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and even Maxine Waters, know that’s a lie. I say it’s to their credit because it means they are merely guilty of playing partisan politics, and not that they are so unbelievably dumb that they actually believe what they’re saying.

After all, one can hardly leave one’s home without having a photo I.D., because you can’t drive a car, buy a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of beer, get on an airplane, enter a courthouse, buy stamps at the Post Office, enroll in a college or enter an arena where Mr. or Mrs. Obama or one of the Clintons is giving a speech, without showing a photo I.D.

If the Democrats were honest, they would admit that the only votes that would be suppressed by requiring a photo I.D. would be those of illegal aliens, dead people and those paid by George Soros to register corpses, illegal aliens and cartoon characters.

Liberals like to pretend that there is one set of laws for rich people and poor people, another for white people and black people.

There are, in fact, different laws for different people, but the ones I have in mind are those set aside for politicians and bums (in this case there is a distinction) and the rest of us.

For instance, if one of us cheated on our income taxes, we would go to jail and be fined. When former Congressman Charles Rangel was found guilty, he got off with a congressional censure and didn’t even get booted out of the House. He only left when he was ready to retire.

If one of us was found guilty of not protecting classified documents, we would find ourselves in Leavenworth. Hillary Clinton nearly found herself in the Oval Office.

When it comes to those we used to call bums before the Democrats decided to label drunks, addicts and loons “homeless,” the advantage again is all theirs. If you or I decided to urinate in public, we would be prosecuted for any number of offenses. However, if someone who hasn’t taken a bath in six months and has an open bottle of rot gut in his coat pocket does it, suddenly the city is discovered to have eliminated vagrancy laws while our backs were turned.

The following bit of wisdom comes to you from a writer named Julie Burchill: “It has been said that a pretty face is a passport. But it’s not. Rather, it’s a temporary visa and it runs out fast.”

It reminded me that I once heard Candace Bergen sadly recall the day she entered a room and every man there didn’t turn to gaze in her direction. I also heard that once, several years ago, at a Hollywood party, all the women swarmed around Warren Beatty, and across the room Cary Grant turned to a friend and said: “That used to be me.”

With all the riots and racist demonstrations that have been taking place on college campuses all over America, it recently occurred to me that the folks I keep waiting to hear from are the parents of these young fascists. As yet, I haven’t heard of anyone pulling his kid out of Berkeley or Harvard or Middlebury, or of any high-profile member of a school’s alumni association announcing that until these ivy-covered sanctuaries rejoin the United States of America, his or her annual donation will be going to the Salvation Army.

Steve Stafford of Austin, Texas, was kind enough to share a bunch of bumper-stickers spotted on military bases:

  1. When in doubt, empty the magazine.

  2. Sniper: You can run, but you’ll just die tired.

  3. Except for ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, War has never solved anything.

  4. The Marine Corps: When it absolutely, positively, has to be destroyed overnight.

  5. Death smiles at everyone; Marines smile back.

  6. What do I feel when I kill a terrorist? A little recoil.

  7. Life, liberty and the pursuit of anyone who threatens it.

  8. It’s God’s job to forgive Osama bin Laden. It was our job to arrange the meeting.

  9. My kid fought in Iraq so your kid can party in college.

  10. Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. The U.S. Military doesn’t have that problem.

It’s nice to finally have a president who appreciates the sacrifice and patriotism of our men and women in the military, and to whom “semper fi” is more than a motto; it’s a promise made on behalf of a grateful nation.

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