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Why the Democratic Party Hates the President of the United States

Guest Commentary · Aug. 31, 2017

By Robert Steven Ingebo

Now that Hillary Clinton has lost the presidential election, the Democrats feel emotionally betrayed and have lost all hope. They see President Trump as a human wrecking ball who will destroy the U.S. welfare state through his policies of deporting criminal illegal immigrants, the extreme vetting of refugees entering the U.S. and those immigrating from countries that are state sponsors of radical Islamic terrorism, building a wall on our southern border, the deregulation of business, the lowering of personal and corporate taxes, supporting the fossil fuel industry, repealing and replacing the ACA, etc. This explains, in large part, why the Democrats keep repeating the statement that President Trump is “not my president.”

The impending destruction of the U.S. welfare state has thrown the Democratic Party and most of the mainstream news media into a frenzy because, although President Obama had expanded it throughout the eight years of his presidency, the Democrats needed Hillary Clinton to win the election to continue the expansion. Now that President Trump has won the election, their goal of building a utopian society in the United States has been shattered.

Because the Democrats view President Trump as a threat to their Progressive ideology, there is no line they will not cross in opposing him, his supporters and the Republican Party. This explains the fake news stories, the identity politics, the protests and the misrepresentations of President Trump’s words and deeds. The Democrats are using their negative rhetoric to disrespect both our president and his supporters while simultaneously attempting to undermine his presidency by creating misconceptions in the minds of the American people concerning his character and his policies.

Additionally, from the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign to the present day, some very prominent Democratic politicians have been playing the race card, calling President Trump a racist and a bigot, and his supporters deplorables and irredeemables.

These vile accusations were factored into the decisions made by the voters in formerly blue states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania who voted overwhelmingly for President Trump. Their votes, combined with the additional votes from the other flyover states, enabled him to achieve a total of 304 electoral votes, well over the 270 required to win the presidency.

The Democratic Party’s predictable response to their electoral defeat has been to assert that Hillary Clinton should have been elected because she won the popular vote. They blame her loss on the electoral college, stating that it is a voting system that is both unfair and outdated, and should be abolished.

Abolishing the electoral college is a very serious undertaking because its legitimacy is established by the 12th Amendment of the United States Constitution. The electoral college provides for the indirect election of the president and the vice president of the United States in order to give every voter in every state an equal say in our presidential elections. By denying the legitimacy of the electoral college, the Democratic Party is denying the democratic principle of free and fair elections. The conclusion can be drawn that the Democrats’ thirst for power has become so great that they would be willing to abolish the electoral college from our Constitution if it would help their party win the next presidential election.

The message sent from the Trump voters to both the Democratic and Republican Parties is loud and clear: They are sick and tired of the corruption in the U.S. government, the ever-rising costs of health insurance and pharmaceutical drugs, the $19.9 trillion in national debt, the 94 million Americans out of the labor force, the radical Islamic terror attacks, the murders of innocent U.S. civilians perpetrated by criminal illegal immigrants, the extreme violence in the inner cities, the smuggling of drugs and the human trafficking occurring at our southern border and the condescending political correctness of the Democratic political elites, most of the national news media outlets, many Hollywood celebrities and a large percentage of far-left college professors and their students.

It is obvious to President Trump’s supporters that their message to the Democrats has fallen upon deaf ears. Many Democratic politicians, aided by a largely Democratic mainstream news media, continue to viciously malign President Trump, using the same identity politics they employed throughout most of the presidential campaign. I believe they will continue their smear campaign throughout the 2020 presidential election because of their deep, personal hatred of our president. Some of them are already calling for his impeachment!

In the 2016 presidential election, millions of honest, hard-working, middle-class Americans voted for President Trump, believing that as president he would work with Congress to restore the job security of every able-bodied U.S. citizen, address the domestic and national security concerns of all Americans and restore the dignity and respect of our great veterans.

Under President Trump’s administration, the American citizens will be spared the negative consequences of the welfare state, such as the loss of personal freedoms and the continued decline in wages and job opportunities within the middle class. The election of President Trump highlights the intelligence of the American voters because they have elected a president who possesses the administrative experience necessary to dismantle the welfare state and replace it with free market policies designed to produce high economic growth.

I believe that the Democratic Party has unwittingly endangered itself with the constant repetition of its victimization narrative. It maintains that President Trump and the Republican Party are a group of wealthy capitalists tied to extremely wealthy shareholders of multinational companies and Wall Street banks, all having the same goal of increasing the oppression and victimization of minorities through institutional racism and economic inequality in order to achieve an ever-greater accumulation of wealth and power.

Overplaying the victim card could eventually lead many of the Democratic minority voters, including the Millennials and others, to the conclusion that their party is involved in the same capitalistic system of institutional racism and white privilege the Democratic politicians are accusing the Republican Party of maintaining. If these voters reach the conclusion that they are being victimized by their own party, it’s possible that they could reject it altogether. If that were to occur, the Democratic Party would cease to be a viable, mainstream political party.

This article was written by Robert Steven Ingebo, president of FRI Corporation.

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