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Burt Prelutsky · Dec. 18, 2017

It figures that once mass hysteria becomes the order of the day, innocent heads will roll right along with all the others.

I refer specifically to the resignation of Arizona congressman Trent Franks. It seems that he had the effrontery to discuss the topic of surrogacy with a couple of his female staffers. So far as I can tell, he wasn’t asking them to have carnal relations with him.

I don’t know if Mr. Franks was asking whether his aides would be willing to act as surrogates for his infertile wife or whether he was asking their moral opinion of surrogacy. In either case, it strikes me as a reasonable conversation between adults. So long as there was no intimidation involved, it hardly strikes me as a reason for Franks to resign, and I’d say that even if he were a Democrat.

It seems to me that going forward, every male employer, be he a politician or not, should have potential female employees fill out a questionnaire, letting him know if he can risk having a serious conversation with her, or if he must limit his remarks to requests for typing and filing. Or perhaps men should only hire men, making certain they’re not the creepy kind who self-identify as women.

I heard a member of Atheists of America trying to make a case for his belief on the radio the other day. Naturally, he wound up sounding like a self-important loon. The truth is that nobody, at least outside his immediate family, really cares whether or not someone believes in the existence of God. The problem is that whenever one of these arrogant pinheads goes public, the case he inevitably makes is that the God of the Testaments doesn’t exist, and he knows this because he, himself, is God.

Something I was unaware of, something even Robert Mueller might not know about, is that in the wake of 9/11, Russia sent us a bronze statue titled “To the Struggle Against World Terrorism,” sculpted by one Zarab Tsereteli, that stands 100-feet high and weighs 175 tons. A memorial to the tragic events that took place on that day of infamy, it is a massive block with a great gash down its middle. Suspended within that gash is a 40-foot, four-ton, shiny nickel teardrop.

Inscribed on the monument are the names of all 3,000 victims, including the 26 Russian tourists, who died in the Twin Towers.

For some reason, it was set down in the wetlands of New Jersey, requiring that in order to get there from Ground Zero you have to take a train, a tram and a taxi. Could it be that there are people who want to convince us that in a world occupied by the Chinese, the North Koreans, Islamic jihadists and Democrats, Russia is our most demonic foe? That certainly seems to be the mindset of Robert Mueller, whose own reputation has been tattered beyond repair.

In my entire life, I’ve never laid eyes on a single albino. However, in movies, albino villains are more commonplace than liberals at a drunken sex orgy. I suppose that’s because their white hair and pink eyes makes them so easily recognizable in a movie from which their character might disappear for 45 minutes at a time; again, like liberals at a drunken orgy.

Speaking of liberals, what is it with them and footage? Although they object to executing pedophiles or even giving them life sentences, they seem to think they’re safeguarding our kids by insisting that nobody on the sexual felon list be allowed to live within 2,000 feet of a school or a park. But it’s perfectly okay if they live 2,001 feet away.

In Alameda County, Judge Marsha Berzon, in a decision upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, banned the opening of a gun shop within 500 feet of schools, day-care centers, residential areas, liquor stores and other gun shops. She also stated that there is no constitutional right to sell guns.

Someone should have pointed out to Judge Berzon that there is no constitutional right to buy or sell marijuana. The pursuit of sappiness doesn’t apply.

Pope Francis, the Argentinian socialist who seems to be out to create an anti-Catholic animus unseen since the days of the Inquisition, voiced his objection to Donald Trump’s plan to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In fact, ever since he assumed office, Francis seems to have been laboring under the bizarre delusion that Jesus was born a Muslim.

One measure of the distance America has advanced in the past year is our relationship with Israel. Barack Obama despised our closest ally. He not only hated Prime Minister Netanyahu, he sent his campaign team to Israel to defeat him in his last election. Funny, but I don’t recall that Netanyahu mentioned his opponent’s collusion with the United States. I guess it helped that, unlike Hillary, he won the election.

Today, we are blessed to have a president who has the grit to do what countless others have merely promised, to show Israel the respect of re-locating our embassy in its capital city, and by telling the Palestinians, along with the French, the Brits, the Germans and the Pope, in so many words to sit down, shut up and get out of his way.

I know that a lot of people, including even some Republicans, are unhappy with Trump. Some dismiss him as boorish. Some don’t trust him because he’s so darn rich. Mostly, I think it confuses them that he is unpredictable and what they like to call unpresidential.

I happen to think those are a couple of his strengths. For years, our enemies in North Korea, China and the Middle East knew what to expect. Mainly, bribes and endless kowtowing. Hell, Obama even went so far as to announce to our enemies the timeline for our departure from war zones. Talk about predictable!

It seems to unnerve people to have a billionaire who is also a populist. Maybe the die was cast because his father had him learn the New York real estate business from the bottom up. That meant being on a first-name basis with carpenters, plumbers, mobsters, steelworkers, union bosses, office holders and city bureaucrats

It probably didn’t hurt that the rich man’s son also spent time rising in the ranks of his military school, where he learned discipline and to both take and give orders. Maybe that’s why he seems at his best when addressing old veterans and young recruits.

Maybe that’s the reason that so many forgotten members of the failing middle class switched parties and elected him, because they recognized that the only difference between them and Trump was a few billion dollars.

On the other hand, the billionaire who best represents the Left is an Hungarian ogre named George Soros. He got his education under the Nazis, separating his fellow Jews from their belongings as they were herded aboard cattle cars heading off to concentration death camps.

Even decades later, he rationalized his actions, pointing out that if he hadn’t done it, someone else would have. To which Satan smiled, nodded and said, “That’s my boy.”

Recently, you may have noticed that my tech, Steve Maikoski, has posted notices asking that you stop sending me links and videos. It’s not a palace coup. He did so at my request. Over the years, my computer has fallen prey to viruses that knocked me offline for hours, sometimes days, at a time.

As a safeguard, after having been victimized yet again this past week, I decided I could survive without links to articles I could easily access on my own and without videos of dancing babies and people falling on their behinds.

A friend sent me a fairly lengthy email recently. At one point, he noticed that he had begun four consecutive paragraphs with the word “I” and acknowledged that his English teacher had once told him that was a no-no.

I replied that my 11th grade English teacher, Miss Lamb, would have said the same. I also recall that she pointed out that it was best to avoid starting a sentence with “And,” but granted that occasionally it was okay to break the rules, so long as you knew you were breaking them and had a good reason for doing it.

At the time, I thought she was just a fussy old woman who kept her hanky tucked up one of the long sleeves of her dress. Years later, looking back, I decided that, fussy or not, she was the best teacher I had ever had. She was certainly the first teacher, once I got past learning cursive writing and the multiplication tables, who ever taught me something new and useful.

That was the reason I tracked her down in her retirement, discovered she was still alive, and invited her to my first book signing. She showed up, and I had the privilege of paying tribute to Mariet Lamb 40 years after leaving her class.

And, yes, she gave me an A.

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